Research proposal

What should a woman choose between career and family?

Before completing this assignment, students should thoroughly read the assignment description for the end-of-the-term research paper.

Having read that, the first step is to generate a topic. While some specifics within the argument might (and probably should) change during the course of researching, the topic the student proposes here will be the research paper topic for the course.

Each student will submit a one-page, double-spaced summary of his/her expectations for the research paper. This proposal should include the following:
– An overview of the general subject and what the essay’s anticipated thesis will be.
– A thorough rationale for why this topic was chosen.
– A summary of how the student intends to argue the chosen point of view.
– Some comments about the anticipated research strategies, including an overview of what kinds of sources have been consulted thus far.
– Any anticipated problems, including strengths found in counter-arguments.

This proposal should be a well-written, short (but thoughtful) paper consisting of focused paragraphs and complete sentences. Edit carefully for grammar and punctuation, as this is a writing assignment within a university English course.


What should a woman choose between career and family?

Overview of the research

Choosing between work and family is a dilemma that faces every modern woman. This is a result of the challenging economic crisis that requires each member of the household to contribute to the source of family income(Wang, pg 43). On the hand, the woman is the strongest pillar of a healthy family, she needs time to bring the family together, and this responsibility sometimes comes ahead of work and her career. However, although the role of women has traditionally been held back by various cultural and religious beliefs on the choice of career and family, this has significantly changed in today’s society where everyone is regarded as equal. It would, therefore, be unjust to compel a woman to forfeit her career just to take care of the family.  

Research rationale

The choice between career and family is a hotly debated issue among scholars, and also one of the contentious issues that still exist in many societies. This topic is, both interesting and beneficial to research on to uncover actual evidence on what is best for a woman between career and family.

Research strategies

The researcher will review all relevant publications, books, related articles as well as credible news sources to collect information on the pros and cons of choosing between career and family for a woman. The researcher will analyze the information gathered through the research process and to identify between the two variables, which is the most significant choice for a woman and provide justification.

Anticipated problems, strengths, and counter arguments

The major anticipated problem that may be encountered during the research process is collecting of relevant information. As it is common with such highly debated topics, much of the information available is based on biased views and not substantial factual evidence. There exists substantial counter argument on why women should choose work over family which the researcher will seek to argue.

Works cited

Wei, Wang, and Cho Taejun. “Work-family conflict influences on female’s career development through career expectation.” Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies 2013 (2013). Pg 43


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