Importance of College Tutoring Services to Students- Online

College tutoring services are important to students because they help them overcome poor grades and performance challenges that arise from poor subject comprehension and inadequate, late preparation for college tests and homework assignments. To understand the importance of college tutors to students and the challenges that limit the effectiveness of college tutoring services, we will review the real-life testimony of a student who faced challenges in enrolling to the college tutoring program offered by one of the US Colleges.

After attaining a highschool diploma, I started college education in the US with great optimism, considering that I had been easily scoring A’s in highschool. However, I got shocked to score lower than expected grades in core subjects of my course, more so math.

I, therefore, decided to enroll for college tutoring services in the hope of improving my grades by learning challenging but important concepts in the subjects that seemed difficult. I was, however, disappointed to find out that the college tutoring services availed to students were inadequate for some reasons.

To start with, the demand for college students tutors surpassed the capacity of the tutoring classes offered by the college. Moreover, the college tutoring program offered classes for only a few selected courses.

The above excerpt was lifted from a report by a student in one of the US Colleges, who shared sentiments on the difficulties encountered in settling into college education.

From the testimony, it is clear that inadequate college tutoring services could cause frustration among college students. Additionally, failing to access the services of college tutors can result in poor student performance by creating a mentorship and motivation gap that results in poor college grades.

Therefore, colleges in the United States, and elsewhere, should focus on providing more student mentoring and tutoring services as a way of enhancing performance in college assignments.

Benefits of College Tutoring Services

  • Improvement in academic performance and college exam grades.
  • Better grasping of course concepts that improves student competence.
  • College tutors help students save time through easier and faster academic problem solving
  • Better concentration to studies resulting in higher college completion and graduation rates.
  • Better social interactions among college students through peer to peer tutoring programs.

College tutoring services play an important role in motivating students to improve their engagement to studies and academic performance. The mentorship provided by college tutors motivates students to focus on academic success by writing better academic essay papers and homework assignments, preparing adequately for college exams, and gaining better, in-depth understanding of important course concepts.

Worth noting is the fact that college tutoring services help students to remain in college and complete their courses. Students tutoring services improved social integration as evidenced by improved attendance to tutoring classes, reduced disciplinary referrals, and improved student attitudes toward school (pg. 2).

Cooper, in an academic research paper published in the Journal of The Effectiveness of Tutoring Under English Grades, discovered that college students who visited a learning center for 10 or more tutoring sessions had 10% higher rates of course completion and higher college GPA scores on average when compared to students who attended less tutoring classes (Nicholas 21).

Similarly, an evaluation made by the California Research Bureau, mentoring and tutoring college students  can positively affect academic perfomance as evidenced by improvements in test results, college grade point averages (GPAs) and course pass rates (pg 2). In support of this finding, a study by the U.S. Department of Education, showed that college students who enroll for college tutoring services and tutor mentorship programs portray a significant improvement in their academic performance.

Finally, in addition to college tutoring services, peer-to-peer tutoring sessions are also good for spuring the academic progress of students by improving their reading and writing skills. This, in turn translates to positive changes in exam performance and college grades (2).

Limitations of College Tutoring Services

The enrollment of students to college tutoring programs, and the eventual success of college tutoring services in improving the performance of students in college assignments and tests is affected by a number of factors. The most common limitations of college tutoring services include;

  • Poor scheduling of college students tutoring classes.
  • Inadequate college tutors and other tutoring service resources like space and time.
  • Financial constraints where students need to pay tutors for supplemental tutoring services like online tutorial classes.
  • Students workload and family obligations that limit the constitency of tutoring classes attendance by college students.

Poor Scheduling of College Tutoring Sessions

Despite the clear benefits of college tutoring services to students, the scheduling of college tutoring classes is a key challenge to the effective delivery of tutoring services to students. College tutoring class schedules change constantly depending on demand needs and resource availability. Schedule changes make it difficult for students to catch up with college subject tutors, leading to inconsistent tutoring and tutorial class attendance.

Student Testimony on the Poor Scheduling of College Tutoring Classes

Tutoring services are supposed to teach and help students to learn. The aim of college tutors is to help students improve their college exams grades. They are meant to make students feel less stress, but the tutoring services at our campus is making students more stressful. Tutoring services are meant to influence and encourage students but our college tutoring services are creating an environment which distracts learners instead of helping students succeed.

In fact, our tutoring services are not organized. I bet that there are many students like me who have been suffering from the unorganized tutoring services at our campus. It really dilutes their value.

For instance, I have a Math class in the morning, and I have a Biology class right after that. The Math tutoring services are offered during my Biology class so I have to skip the Biology coursework class in order to attend the Math tutoring class. Therefore, there is no way that it would work for me because even if I gained in Maths, I would end up losing in Biology.

The success of college tutoring services is also limited by inconsistencies in the attendance of students. This is caused by multiple factors, the most important being schedule conflicts between tutoring sessions and the regular course work time, for instance, as explained above, the time for mathematics tutoring classes may conflict with a compulsory biology class, forcing students to forego the math tutoring class.

Student Workload Constraints

College students have many responsibilities and tasks that they need to finish every day. Scheduling is mostly significant to college students who have full-time or part-time jobs. Attending work, taking care of family, doctor’s appointments, doing laundry, writing assignments, etc., are possible limitations of consistent college tutoring classes attendance.

College tutoring services may not be fully effective as a substitute to the regular college class instruction because the attendance of students is affected by workload demands considering that they also require time to rest. Some college students may be held by co-curricular activities that limit their interaction with tutors considering that most college tutoring sessions are scheduled after classes.

Financial Constraints to Paid College Tutor Classes

Financial constraints create challenges that prevent students from accessing college tutoring services. Paid college tutoring services may prove unaffordable, locking out students who come from less fortunate backgrounds. This is disadvantageous to those students, as they lag behind others who can afford college tutoring services.

The ineffectiveness of college tutoring services is made worse if the main subject teachers assume that all of the students in their college classes have access to supplementary college tutoring services and, therefore, ignore devising measures for reaching out to financially disadvantaged students in their classes.

Such students are disadvantaged when compared to students who have access to competent college tutoring services. To start with, the skewed availability of qualified college tutors and inability to pay for college tutoring services creates differences in the quality of learning across regions.

Limited Availability of Competent College Student Tutors

The other disadvantage of college tutoring services is that competent college tutors may not be evenly distributed in every location, making it hard for them to be an ideal supplement for the normal learning process. In locations where competent college tutor services are not available, students end up covering more of the course work by themselves.

Additionally, poor access to and interaction with tutors may discourage and dim the motivation of college students from such disadvantaged areas, who struggle and spend more time to comprehend course concepts, perform poorly as a result, and lack the financial ability to pay for the limited college tutoring services available (Wenting et al, pg. 106).

In fact, poor student motivation is a challenge to consistent attendance of college tutoring services. The effectiveness of college tutoring services is heavily dependent on personal commitment and interest from students. College tutoring programs may, therefore, may fail where instructors and college tutors fail to engage students on the benefits of college tutoring services.

Measures for Effective Tutoring Classes for College Students

To enhance the effectiveness of tutoring classes, universities and colleges should provide more flexible mentoring and tutoring services to students. They must make solid tutoring schedules before academic semesters start and strive to limit changes to student tutoring schedules. This will increase attendance consistency and provide students with energy and enthusiasm to do well and work even harder.

Tutoring services need also to be aligned with the regular college teaching program to avoid conflicting time schedules. Students should not attend a tutoring class at the expense of missing a conflicting coursework session. If this discrepancy is addressed, more students may benefit from college tutoring programs.

Tutoring programs funding should also be introduced to recruit more college tutors and help financially disadvantaged college students who cannot afford paid tutoring services. This financial aid intervention will leverage college tutoring programs and make them equally accessible to all students in different locations.

Schools should also motivate students to develop interest in mentoring and tutoring programs to ensure sustainability. Where college students develop a personal initiative to seek help from their tutors, they end up benefitting more and achieving greater academic successes. Otherwise, college tutoring may not be beneficial to students if they lack the motivation to benefit from it.

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