Things that a Business should do to Progress.


For a business to succeed, it must analyze its performance to work on weak points and to continue applying high points.  Industry growth is increased by selling products of high quality because such products reduce industry competition. Resources should be managed well to avoid loss in companies. The automobile is no different. For instance the Nissan automakers have invested every with products that meet customer demands in quality and service satisfaction. They have also come up with unique products in the market to gain an advantage against their competitors. Such measures define the company’s success in remaining competitive and profitable. This essay is an analysis of management service industry with a case study on the Nissan auto manufacturer.

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Industry competitive analysis            

 Industry competitive analysis is a system of development strategy in organizations and firms because it has practical methods that obtain positive hold of the industry. Possible methods of communication and information technology are used to keep an industry’s performance. Concerning big manufacturers like Nissan Auto, the model of porter’s five forces suggests that the adjusted rates of risks of gains are supposed to be constant in all industries and firms. The industry is becoming quite competitive as new auto manufacturers struggle to get a share of the market. As Nissan has invested ion technology and customer service in its products, hence they remain amongst the most competitive in the market. This has given the company an advantage in the industry.

    Game theory in oligopolistic industries implies that it is not impossible to determine marginal income since the products quantities sold for special prices will be determined by other enterprise prices charging and the amount of goods they produce. The resource based view of businesses especially those that are monopoly lies in long-term strategy foundation, which is determined by internal resources and primary sources capabilities of profit making in the enterprise. Industry marketing is improved when potential disrupters are identified, and more experts are produced in the firm.

Competitive position

     According to Robinson (2009), the competitive position of the company within its industry determines its performance. In the case of Nissan AUTO industry, it is among the top positions in the industry in relation to its sales. Strength and weaknesses of the company are determined by its performance and the amount of profit it is getting. The resource view determines competitive advantage of the industry since best resources increase the growth of the company and the value of strategies that protect the competition of other sectors. Strategic management has a competitive advantage in industries. The company of rate has implemented new designs that are unique in the market that have significantly boosted the company’s competitive advantage in the industry.

Growth potential   

The growth potential of a company is determined in the assessment process to understand the required investments to fund its growth. In analyzing threats and opportunities of a firm, SWOT analysis is done to investigate the performance of the industry. PESTEL model is also used to portray and collect information concerning external factors that have impacts on the business (Gorgenlander 2010). Nissan has several opportunities that it can utilize to boost its growth potential. They include low cost of production and innovative technology as compared to its competitors.


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