Once upon a time, a prince called Teddy Bear was born. His father was a king called Suddhodana and his mother a queen called Maha Maya. The king and the queen had stayed for a long time without a child. She became pregnant and gave birth to a son on a full moon day. The king asked the advice of the wise who prophesied and named the boy Teddy Bear. Teddy was born into a family of warriors. Since he was a prince, they lived in a palace in a city called kapilavatthu. The king and the queen were respected by the people because they ruled well.

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Teddy was a bright boy who loved to play with his friends. The prophets said his name means the one who wishes will be fulfilled. They prophesied that Teddy would take care and show compassion to the sick, the old, the dead and monks.  Teddy wished to learn how life looked like outside the palace. He one day, the kings company and they found him under a tree meditating with his legs closed under a tree.

After seeing the suffering outside, Teddy planned to escape the palace with his cousin Tiger. However, Tiger wished Teddy all the best and hugged him Goodbye saying,” may you great and successful”. After meeting the old and the sick, wanted to understand how he could end their suffering. He met young boy called piglet who was hungry and homeless. They two became friends and piglet showed teddy the village the various suffering the villagers were undergoing through in their lives. He showed mercy and kindness to the sick and suffering and became enlightened to overcome suffering. At 35 years, Teddy became enlightened one and he taught his people they too become enlightened.

One of the closest friends of Teddy was Eeyore. He was a close friend and assistant of Teddy. He helped him teach people how to become enlightened. Eeyore also liked the way Teddy taught his followers on how to become enlightened. He organized the meetings between Teddy and his followers and became of Teddy’s biggest follower. Teddy died at an old age leaving Eeyore in charge of his followers who were monks and nuns. Before dyeing he said to them” Work hard and gain salvation”.


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