UK Homelessness Mitigation Social Services in the United Kingdom

Homelessness in the UK and the Homeless Mitigation Social Services in United Kingdom. Homelessness is a complex social challenge that requires the use of social services mitigation strategies for solving the multitude of factors associated with homelessness


Homelessness and Human Resource Management in the UK

Homelessness in the UK from a Human Resource Management Perspective using the case study of the London Borough of Croydon and Shelter From the Storm social services charity


Event Planning for the London Poetry Festival at Greenwich Park

The ABC Events Planning- London intends to organize an outdoor poetry event at Greenwich park- London to mark this year’s Annual London Poetry Festival. The UK upholds literature and hosts several prestigious literally festivals- usually more than ten literary festivals annually (Getz and wicks, 1994). The theme for this event will be ‘Poetry for Environmental …


UK Tourism and Tourist Expenditure: Tourism in London

Tourism in London is a major contributor to the UK’s foreign income. Tourism in London is driven by both domestic and overseas visitors. The latter is the more dominant, accounting for 58% of visits. In 2013, approximately 17 million visitors from overseas were received in London, spending a total of £11 billion (London Tourism Report, …