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Relationship between extrinsic benefits and job satisfaction. Case study of Coca-Cola

This study is a description of how extrinsic motivation affects employee performance and job satisfaction. In it a brief analysis is carried out on extrinsic tools that is; monetary and non-monetary rewards and their ability to change workers’ approach in a company. The specific tools studied included; promotion, training and salary. The effects of a …


Extrinsic Employee Motivation: Training, Salary, Promotion and Employee Performance

How extrinsic employee motivation factors like salary, training, and promotion enhance employee performance. Employee motivation involves the provision of proper guidance, resources, direction and rewards in order to inspire performance


Reward Systems for Employee Retention within the Higher Education Sector

This report describes the study made on how reward systems affect staff retention in higher education systems. The aim of the study was to review ways in which higher education systems use reward systems to improve their employee retention. In order to gain a clear insight on the topic, varied literature sources were studied.  This …


Sample Reflective Log on Employee Motivation and Employee Retention

A sense of empowerment has been attained in regards to my comprehension of the human resource management discipline, more so the topic of employee motivation and retention. As I wind up on my final studies in the course, I can reflect so much on the skills gained during this period.The choice of topic for this …


Communication in Multi Cultural workforce: Case Analysis

Communication for Better Relations in the Workplace: Basic Listening and Speaking Skills for Making the Multi Cultural Workforce Work- A Case Analysis of City Fresh Foods Company Effective listening and speaking skills play a significant role in good making basic communication successful. In workplaces, basic communication is essential to ensure a good working environment, better …


Cognitive Dissonance Theory of Communication Dissonance and Consonance

Cognitive dissonance theory provides a solution to psychological problems affecting communication that arise from holding two conflicting beliefs at the same time. Definition of Cognitive Dissonance and Cognitive Consonance.