Benefits of Walmart’s Accounting System and Costing System

Walmart’s Accounting System, including its information and costing systems, is among the most sophisticated retail store management systems worldwide. Walmart is the largest multinational retailer in the world, operating discounted departmental and warehouse stores. The corporation was formed in 1962 by Sam Walton and has over 11,000 stores in over 27 countries (Walmart 2018 Annual …


Relating Extrinsic Motivation to Job Satisfaction. Case study of Coca-Cola

How extrinsic motivation affects employee performance and job satisfaction in respect to the Coca-Cola Company.


Extrinsic Employee Motivation: Training, Salary, Promotion and Employee Performance

How extrinsic employee motivation factors like salary, training, and promotion enhance employee performance. Employee motivation involves the provision of proper guidance, resources, direction and rewards in order to inspire performance



Nordstrom Inc. Nordstrom is aFashion Company specializing in retail business. It sells a range of fashion products through its online shops, stores and its distributors. The company is publicly traded company. This equity research report offers an in-depth analysis on business analysis, financial analysis, and firm valuation with sensitivity and policy. Business analysis Nordstrom is …



Introduction       Banks form a significant part of financial sector in the economy by lending money to consumers for spending and businesses for investment. There are also various roles played by banks that include controlling inflation through lending rates and serving as guarantors to investors. However, there are regulations in some countries that require banks …


Crazy Eddie Inc: Case Study

The Case Study on Crazy Eddie essay highlights some of the common accounting fraud cases that are concealed by companies to deceive investors


RIA Checkpoint Accounting Sample Assignment Answer

RIA Checkpoint is not the only research tool at your disposal. In fact, the IRS website itself can often be helpful. In this assignment, you will use the IRS website as well as RIA Checkpoint to research an area that commonly exposes unique rules–the topic of interest expense. The purpose of this assignment is to …


Portfolio Paper

Business and Management Question Descriptions  The portfolio paper covers the array of topics discussed and presented in the course and is due Saturday ofUnit 8. The paper will be evaluated using the Unit Assignments and Portfolio Paper rubric (Appendix A).The course also seeks to integrate Biblical principles into the application of Operations Management and Statistics tools/principles. Thus …