Why Study in the UK Chevening Essay Sample

Study in the UK under the Chevening, fully-funded, UK Gov masters degree scholarship program. This statement brings hope to numerous international students seeking to study in the UK under the Chevening scholarship. The UK government masters degree scholarships for international students are availed annually to qualified students worldwide.

This provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to foreign students who have an interest in studying in the United Kingdom under the Chevening UK Gov fully-funded masters scholarship program. Unfortunately, to many, laying claim to this widely-sought opportunity is akin to chasing a pipedream.

In order to become a beneficiary of the fully-funded masters degree scholarship programs by the UK Government through, one must provide the Chevening selection committee with convincing explanations to the questions, “Why do you want to study in the UK?, What courses will you study?, What are your academic and professional qualifications?, How will you adapt to life in a UK university?, etc.

Studying in the UK Essay Samples

Most Chevening studying in the UK essay samples and writing guides fail to stress the importance of the ‘Why study in the UK?’ essay when compared to the emphasis made on networking, influence and leadership, and career plan essays.

Chevening Essay: Studying in the UK Essay Sample

Such Chevening essays writing guides fail to acknowledge the importance of supporting the arguments of your studying in the UK scholarship essay using smart, creative, reasonable or practical arguments. They fail to mention that adopting this approach when writing the UK study Chevening essays increases your chances of getting selected to study in the UK International Students Masters Degree Scholarship Program.

Reasons to Study in the UK Under UK Gov Masters Degree Scholarships for international Students

Normally, the reasons for studying in the United Kingdom’s universities will vary across international students applying for the UK Gov Masters degree scholarship, depending on their individual needs, views, and, aspirations. This, is a major reason why most Chevening essay guides fail to emphasize the importance of the Chevening ‘Why Study in the UK?’ essay.

Moreover, most of the reasons for studying in the United Kingdom stated in previous applications for the masters degree scholarship are valid, simply because individual opinions and perceptions have to be respected. Despite this provision for individual freedoms of thought and expression, Chevening Scholarship applicants must also keep in mind that they are in a competition, alongside others, to please the UK government’s scholarship committee.

Therefore, irrespective of the potential biases and grudges held against the United Kingdom and its university education, Chevening applicants must focus on convincing the selection committee in an honest but creative and appealing depiction of the benefits of studying in a UK university.

Writing the Chevening Scholarship Essays

The ‘why study in the UK’ essay question is the last of the four Chevening scholarship essays that one must write before submitting their application. The “Why Study in a UK university?” Chevening essay question is of equal importance to the other Chevening scholarship essay writing assignments that must be completed and submitted to the Chevening selection committee for review.

To meet the expected quality of the Chevening scholarship essays on studying in the UK, you need to first understand the essay question and its requirements. This will help you know how to structure your essay, and to determine its contents.

Studying in the UK Essay Question

“Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses, and explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your plans for the future.”

From the Chevening essay question on studying in the UK, it is clear that your essay needs to address the following questions.

  1. Which university degree course do you want to study?
  2. Why do you want to do the masters degree courses you have listed?
  3. How do the university courses you’ve chosen and their respective universities align with your future career plans?
  4. Why do you want to study in the UK?
  5. What do you plan to do apart from or after studies in the UK?
  6. What are your expectations about living in the UK and how will you face the hard times?

What is the Best Chevening Essays Structure?

Basically, Chevening essays should adopt the three parts essay structure as follows;

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Introduction: Selecting Chevening Approved Universities and Degree Courses

The introduction or opening paragraph of your studying in the UK essay should start by stating the three degree courses that you intend to study or apply for and the specific UK universities where they are offered. After that, you should state the reasons for selecting those UK degree courses and universities in respect of your academic and professional qualifications.


  1. You should select three UK masters degree courses as recommended to increase your chances of getting considered
  2. You should state the three masters degree courses and the UK universities in which they are offered even if you are yet to apply to the respective universities or to receive a study offer from any Chevening approved UK university.

The Body of your Chevening Study in the UK Essay

I recommend that you write two to three paragraphs for this section. In the first paragraph, you should discuss at length the reasons for choosing the stated UK universities and courses in respect to your academic qualifications, professional skills, and their suitability for your professional and career growth. Relating these to your career plans as per the content of your career plan essay is advisable.

After that, you should discuss the reasons for your desire to study in the UK in respect of the suitability of the United Kingdom and the chosen UK universities to meet your professional and career development needs. Also discuss your expected challenges of living in the UK and how you expect to overcome them, relating this to your strengths, abilities, and skills, especially the skills of inter-cultural networking stated in your Chevening networking essay.

Supporting Your Reasons to Study in the UK

Your supporting arguments for wanting to study in the UK should be stated in the body section paragraphs of your Chevening Studying in the UK essay. The reasons for studying in the United Kingdom should be stated in an honest, clear, understandable, and convincing manner.

Points to NOTE:

  1. The stated reasons should be an honest and realistic representation of the UK, including its education system, weather,culture, and other factors.
  2. The arguments of your study in the UK Chevening essay should present the United Kingdom as an appealing destination
  3. Avoid comparing your host country to the UK or portraying your host country as backward or unworthy. Bear in mind that every country has its own challenges and the Chevening Scholarship committee would not like a candidate who “hangs dirty linen in public.”
  4. You should discuss your reasons for wanting to study in the UK in respect to your needs and how the selected UK university courses suits them.
  5. Similarly, discuss your abilities and how they will help you fit into the UK university culture and environment.
Benefits of UK Government’s Chevening Scholarship

Chevening scholarship applicants should consider including the following examples in their Chevening essays to support their choice to study in the UK.

  • The option of a one year UK masters degree program makes studying in the UK a reasonable endeavor.
  • UK universities are among the world’s best universities. The UK is a world leader in terms of investing in university education, as evidenced by its world class universities and colleges.
  • UK culture, its diversity, and tourism is appealing. In the studying in the UK Chevening essay, UK govt’s Chevening Scholarship applicants should mention the interest to gain an in-depth, cross-cultural understanding, a desire that can be met by studying in the United Kingdom under the Chevening Scholarship, which brings together masters degree students from diverse cultures across the world.
  • Take note of the UK as a leader in scientific research and state your interest in gaining research skills at an international level.
  • Gaining advanced skills in a multicultural university environment will help you to contribute better to the development of your community upon return from the United Kingdom.

How Long can One Stay after Studying in the UK?

The final part or paragraph of your Chevening essay on studying in the UK should discuss the expected results of your study in the United Kingdom under the UK govt’s Chevening Scholarship program. This should be in terms of the skills to be acquired and how they will help you grow your career and profession.

In addition, your conclusion should explain the fact that you will not continue to stay in the UK after your studies and that you will be willing to return to your home country immediately. Moreover, you should be willing to use the skills acquired from your stay in the United Kingdom to influence change in your host country through influencial leadership and networking.

NOTE: The Chevening Scholarship committee would like to know your intention to return home after the UK masters degree scholarship program and to be an instrument of transformative change in your respective host country. Please take note of clarifying that.

That said, here is a sample essay for the Chevening course selection and studying in the UK essay question.

Chevening Study in the UK Essay Sample

Chevening Scholarship Essay Sample: Study in the UK Essay on Engineering

I have selected MSc courses in Advanced Engineering Management, Construction Management: International Construction Management, and Engineering and Information Management for Design, Construction, and Engineering offered by the University of Birmingham, University of Leeds, and the University of Reading, respectively.

My desire to enroll in these institutions is due to their reputation in innovation and research, not forgetting the relevance of their courses to the Engineering industry. The three universities have set high quality standards in education and research, which I believe will provide me an excellent opportunity to advance my knowledge and career in Construction Management.

I have four years of experience in Construction Planning Engineering with extensive knowledge in project planning and management in the construction industry. In addition, I have a certification in Project Management International Standards, and a degree certificate in Civil Engineering from the NED University of Engineering and Technology, where I scored a GPA of 3.6/4.0.

A Civil Engineering degree is the primary requirement for studying a masters course in Civil Engineering or its related fields. Considering my strong academic excellence, and the fact that I meet the entry requirements specified by all of my preferred universities, I believe that I possess the intellectual capability required to study any of the three stated courses if awarded the Chevening Scholarship.

Currently, construction technology is progressing, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the future of Construction Management. Worth noting is the fact that my final year project in University was on Building Information Modeling. The project had a strong impact in spurring my strong interest in BIM, following my understanding of its significance as a construction technology for the future.

The UK is currently leading in the adoption of BIM and other innovative construction technologies. This factor has strongly influenced my decision to pursue a Construction Management Engineering course at the selected UK Universities. In addition, the selected UK universities have advanced training and research facilities. This capacity will help me expand my construction & project management knowledge, and provide me with practical skills at an advanced level, which is critical for excelling as a professional engineer.

Finally, I believe if awarded this scholarship, I will use my networking skills to reach out to other Chevening scholars and create a support network that will help me settle in the United Kingdom and excel in my studies. Studying the Construction Engineering course will increase my skills and help in shaping my career development in this field. Notably, the masters degree scholarship will help me advance my scientific research skills, which form the backbone of every scientific career nowadays.

Following the Chevening Scholarship program, and on acquiring advanced skills in Construction Management, I will not only benefit as an individual but also help my host country in closing the existing knowledge gap in its Construction Engineering sector. I hope to achieve this through the transfer of knowledge and skills by training others in my future Engineering practice in my country, which is among the fastest developing nations in the Civil Engineering field. 

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