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Sample Reflective Log on Employee Motivation and Employee Retention

A sense of empowerment has been attained in regards to my comprehension of the human resource management discipline, more so the topic of employee motivation and retention. As I wind up on my final studies in the course, I can reflect so much on the skills gained during this period.The choice of topic for this dissertation was calculative since, by completing this study, I have been able to broaden my knowledge in this field of study, by relating the concepts learnt in class to a real-life problem, that is, the use of reward systems as an incentive for employee retention in higher education systems. The experience shall reinforce my career foundation as I believe that I shall adequately apply the knowledge gained so far in my future practice.

My lecturers have been influential in broadening my understanding of the core concepts of this course; their endless support has inspired and motivated me to be the same. Their wisdom and integrity has created a vivid picture of ethical practice and excellence. As a student, I have learnt the value of careful listening, complying with guidelines, adhering to instruction, and abiding to deadlines, which have all enhanced my sense of discipline. Worth noting, these lessons have been key to the successful completion of this dissertation where strict instructions and deadlines had to be observed.

My colleagues or rather classmates have also been an important part during the study. From time to time, we had group discussions in regard to the importance of being at the institution. It is probable that without them, my experience during the entire course could have been difficult. In all classes they gave the course a meaning by aiding me to comprehend parts that I really did not understand. Studying at the university enhanced my understanding and appreciation of teamwork. I appreciate the value of such interaction with my peers and lecturers through teamwork in the completion of this important dissertation task.

The study topic required me to conduct a vast research on the impact of reward systems in higher education systems. As a student, my goal is to one day work within such a system. This study has taught me a lot in regard to administration and how to relate with other workers. The theories studied in this case expanded my knowhow on how to treat workers as well as the means by which to motivate them. During the study, I learnt that the major cause of a high turnover rate is the lack of reward systems that cater for intrinsic and extrinsic needs. Keeping a momentum of this can help institutions to reform their workers’ productivity therefore retaining them at their workplace. Through the systems, the management can also have better relationships with the members of staff hence attaining trust in them. It is apparent that most universities have difficulties with staff retention.  Such results occur when the management is not keen on streamlining its reward systems to the needs of employees and also in creating a good rapport with them.

The review of vast research literature offered an opportunity to further learn and understand standard practices of human resource management that can be applied in my future role as an employee. I feel that this has put me in a better position to be an instrument of spreading change within the institutions that I will serve in future. With such knowledge, I will be capable of introducing new concepts that can be of help towards the management of organizational systems.

With the limited time that had been allocated to carry out the research, I am wary of the fact that did not manage to fully gain an insight of the challenges that staff in higher education systems face. Moreover, I would have desired to conduct a critical evaluation of the extent and impact of employee turnover on higher education systems. However, the basic and most important lesson that I have learnt from this research is that employees are the backbone of any organization and that their resignation can have a bearing cost on an organization’s productivity. In that case, I aspire to continue learning better and novel approaches for retaining employees in the practical business environment. Such aspects should be further researched by individuals interested in studying similar topics.

In the near future, I plan on carrying out further research on what effective reward systems should entail. I shall visit institutions that have the best reward systems in order to collect information on how efficient the systems are; in addition to that I will also measure their turnover rates in order to evaluate the effectiveness of their systems. I also intend on teaching institutions on the importance of reward systems.  In conclusion, I believe that this will be of importance in my career and shall improve my personal life.

Sample Reflective Log 2

As I complete this education journey, there is much to reflect and reminisce on. At the beginning I felt that the process would be tough considering there are many people who, due to varied reasons, drop out of the course. Carrying out the research study has been one of the major challenges that I have encountered in my studies so far. This experience, however, has been pivotal in enhancing my resilience and problem solving skills. At this point, I am proud of my achievement in completing the dissertation satisfactorily.

My lecturers have been a great inspiration throughout my course. Their invaluable advice, guidance and motivation have gone far in helping me to complete my course successfully. My classmates have been equally helpful in my studies. By interacting with them in and out of classes has helped me to appreciate the value of peer support and teamwork. My discussions with them helped me to understand concepts that seemed difficult to me. Moreover, their positive criticism of my approach to this study helped me to refine my research topic and strategy, which contributed immensely to the successful completion of this dissertation. Possibly, without such support, I would have a difficult experience with the study. Overall, studying at the university enhanced my understanding and appreciation of teamwork.

As a learner, there were specific goals that I had to pursue as well as regulations to follow. This made me disciplined and focused in attaining what I purposed to achieve at the end of my studies. Worth noting is the fact that, over the course of my study, I have learnt the value of listening to instructions and abiding by them. By being obedient to the university’s rules and regulations pertaining to student conduct and discipline, I have been able to complete my studies without being punished for any disciplinary case. Moreover, I have learnt vital skills in time management and task planning, which, notably, enabled me to complete this dissertation within the allocated duration. I believe that these skills will go a long way in enhancing my performance in future, both as an employee and also in my personal life.

By carrying out this study on the impact of extrinsic motivation on , my knowledge on human resource management and related concepts has expanded. The research study has given me an opportunity to relate class instruction on human resource management to the practical application of human capital management concepts in the organizational setup. At this point, I do acknowledge the value of salary, promotion, and training in motivating employees and enhancing their performance at work. I believe that the gains attained in the study complement what I had already learnt in class. In addition, the knowledge that I have acquired will be of significance in my professional practice, considering that I hope to serve in top hierarchies of management in future.

My understanding on the motivational issues that affect employee performance will enable me to be an effective manager. Despite the successful completion of the study, I do appreciate that there is still a lot to learn on and performance; several issues on the topic which were not covered due to the limits set on the scope of the study. Going forward, I purpose to continue researching on this topic in order to broaden my knowledge and skills. However, I consider my success in this project to be in the right direction in terms of laying a strong foundation for my career. With that in mind, I would like to, once more, appreciate the university and my lecturers for giving me such a noble opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills on employee management. In addition, I would also like to appreciate the support of everyone who supported me throughout my studies, and most importantly in the completion of this dissertation.


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