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Tutor Victor
Dear boss,

I have found a new gadget that i cannot wait to introduce it to you. It is a GPS gadget useful in helping our clients to locate their way back to the hotel when they go out for sightseeing, jogging and other activities from our hotel. As you are aware, there are several incidences where our clients have missed their way back to the hotel when they go out for fun, which is a bad experience. The new gadget is called Garmin Nuvi 260. Already several rosewood hotels have begun using the device to direct their guests to the hotel to avoid such inconveniences that the clients undergo through when they miss their way back to the hotel. The device works through GPS locator that directs the clients back to our hotel by clicking the go home button. It is manageable in size to carry in hand and in the cars.

Apart from that, much help the gadget will be to our customers, it will give a competitive position among our competitors.  I believe that guests will find this service useful and will prefer our hotel to others. In additional, it costs only $ 250 and the benefits will be worth it. The entire Rosewood hotels that are already using the gadgets and all of them have positive feedbacks on the use of the device. In addition, as the service is new in the industry, we are best positioned to take that advantage.

I highly recommend you consider the use of the device in our hotel. It will also be a form of marketing of our hotel if we embrace it first before our competitors.

Sincere Regards,

Victor Assistant manager