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Writing winning Chevening essays is a mandatory requirement for a successful Chevening Scholarship application. The fully paid UK Gov Masters Degree Scholarship Program for International Students is highly competitive and involves a rigorous selection process.

However, learning the art of writing winning Chevening essays can improve a student’s chances of getting selected to  study in one of the best UK Universities and Colleges. This is the very purpose of our winning Chevening essay samples and guides, that contain detailed tips, and examples from previous Chevening Scholarship essays. 

Chevening Scholarship Essay Samples: Examples of Winning Chevening essays and Samples of Chevening Scholarship Application Essays

The carefully written guides and samples are meant for students who intend to apply for a Chevening Scholarship. They will certainly help you avoid some common mistakes found in a number of the Chevening essays submitted by students to selection panels in previous years.

What is the UK Government’s Chevening Scholarship Program?

Every year, the Chevening Scholarship program offers a unique opportunity for international students from all over the world to pursue one year masters degree programs in Chevening approved UK universities.

The UK Government sponsored scholarship is meant to help students develop professionally and academically, network extensively, experience the UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships within the UK.

Procedure or Process of Applying for the Chevening Scholarship

The procedure for applying for a Chevening Scholarship is a bit complicated as the process involves a number of crucial steps that must be completed satisfactorily. The steps of a successful Chevening Scholarship application include;

Creating an account/ registration

Submitting personal details, professional and academic qualifications

Uploading academic credentials and translated copies in case they are not in English.

Writing the four mandatory Chevening essays

Appearing before a Chevening selection panel for a face to face interview

Securing a calling letter from a Chevening approved UK university for the selected masters degree course

For more information on the application process visit the official Chevening scholarship application page.

The Importance of Writing Winning Chevening Essays

In order to convince the Chevening Scholarship panel that you are the right candidate for the scholarship, you will need to stand out by writing the compulsory Chevening essays in a unique and captivating manner.

Before you start writing your Chevening application essays, it is advisable that you do an extensive research on what constitutes a winning Chevening essay in terms of the requirements for the essay content and structure. Do not leave any stone unturned: Remember that you are competing for the relatively few Chevening Scholarship slots with the best minds from around the world.

Havardessays, the best essay writing service, acknowledges the need for writing winning Chevening essays. We have therefore, made effort to write informative articles on how to write the best essays for a Chevening application.

Additionally, we provide students with free Chevening essay samples and examples to help them understand their structure, components, requisites, and content. Our guides also apply to students who are required to physically present themselves for Chevening Scholarship interviews as they need to understand how to present the content of their Chevening essays to the selection panel.

Chevening Scholarship Essay Samples: Chevening Application sample essays

Requirements of Winning Chevening Scholarship Essays

The Chevening Scholarship committee is normally interested in picking students who have strong networking and leadership skills. They should also be capable of demonstating their leadership, influence and networking abilities by stating, in their Chevening scholarship essays, specific examples of their networking and leadership experiences, and how they are beneficial to their individual, career and professional growth.

Winning Chevening essays must also elaborate on how the leadership and networking skills of applicants are beneficial to others in their organizations and communities. Ideally, the Chevening Scholarship Committee is only interested in sponsoring students who will be able to use their networking skills and leadership skills to influence transformative change in their communities and host nations.

In relation to this, Chevening Scholarship applicants must have a clear and practical career plan that portays their visions, and the achievements they expect to realize in future. In that case, applicants must write winning Chevening essays that, not only describe their career plans, but also how their realization can be accelerated by the Chevening Scholarship.

Moreover, they should outline the importance of networking, influence, and leadership skills to their career plans, and how the career plans resonate with the Chevening theme of transforming communities through influence and leadership. In that case, one’s career plans should be tied to the challenges facing the host community and the need to solve them while meeting individual needs for career and professional growth.

Which are the Four Chevening Essay Questions?

Applicants of the Chevening scholarship program are normally  given the chance to impress the Chevening selection panel with their career plans, networking examples, reasons for wanting to study in the UK, and their influence/leadership skills. This can be done by first writing winning Chevening essays, in order to be considered for the second selection stage- a face-to-face interview with the Chevening selection panel.

The four, mandatory Chevening Scholarship essays include;

  1. Chevening networking essay
  2. Chevening leadership and influence essay
  3. Chevening post study  career plan essay 
  4. Chevening studying in the UK essay

Chevening scholarship applicants can improve their chances of being selected by reviewing various Chevening essay questions and reading previous Chevening essay examples in order to understand the requirements of particular essay questions and how to answer them. This can help one write winning Chevening essays, that meets the expectations of the selection committee.

Sample Chevening Scholarship Essay Examples

Below are brief reviews of the four Chevening scholarship essays, including the specific Chevening essay questions and their requirements. We have provided links to the detailed guidelines for writing winning Chevening essays, that include tips for writing each Chevening essay, examples from previous applications to the UK Gov scholarship, and selected, winning Chevening essay samples.

The previous Chevening scholarship essay samples and examples are meant to assist students write winning Chevening essays that will improve their chances of landing the Chevening scholarship.

Essay 1. Networking Essay Question and Winning Networking Essay Example

Chevening is looking for individuals with strong professional relationship-building skills, who will engage with the Chevening community and influence and lead others in their chosen profession. Please explain how you build and maintain relationships in a professional capacity, using clear examples of how you currently do this, and outline how you hope to use these skills in the future.”

A candidate should discuss his/her networking skills and professional relations as follows;

  • As Chevening applicant, you should discuss how you relate with people in various professions e.g government employees, international representatives, scholars, etc.
  • Discuss professional relationships with people from different cultural backgrounds, age groups, and social or economic classes.
  • Discuss the length of and impact of your professional relationships, both on you and on others.
  • Discuss your networking skills and communication skills by elaborating on how you establish and maintain professional relationships.

To understand the requirements of the Chevening networking essay and how to structure it, read our complete guide below.

Chevening Networking Essay guide with elaborate networking examples and a free PDF Chevening Networking Essay Sample

Essay 2. Chevening Leadership and Influence Essay.

A candidate should elaborate on the scenarios in which he played leadership roles.

  • How did you apply effective team leadership skills in previous projects?
  • Discuss how you initiated community projects with limited resources or budget. 
  • How did you influence members’ decisions or how did you negotiate on issues?
  • How did you work with and manage various personalities leading to successful projects?
  • How did your leadership skills contribute to a positive change in your host community in the long-term?

Leadership Essay Question and free PDF Winning Leadership Essay Sample

Essay 3. Chevening Career Plan Essay Question and Career Plan Essay Sample

“Chevening is looking for individuals who have a clear post-study career plan.  Please outline your immediate plans upon returning home and your longer-term  career goals. You may wish to consider how these relate to what the UK  government is doing in your country.”

The Chevening Career Plan essay is the last of the four main essays of the scholarship application process. However, it is the most important of the four Chevening application essays, alongside the networking and leadership essays. In writing the Chevening Career Plan Essay;

  • A candidate should discuss his/her short-term, medium, and long-term career plans
  • State career goals that are practical, smart, and achievable.
  • Career plans should portray a social/community, academic, and professional approach.
  • Career plans should accommodate support for meeting host community/country needs.
  • Applicants should relate their career plans to their networking skills, leadership skills, academic/professional skills, and work experience.

Read our detailed Chevening Career Plan Essay writing guideline and a free PDF Chevening post study Career Plan Essay Example

Essay 4.Chevening Studying in the UK Essay Question and a Winning UK Gov Study in the UK Essay Example

Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses, and explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your plans for the future. *Please do not duplicate the information you have entered on the work experience and education section of this form (minimum word count: 50 words, maximum word count: 500 words)”  

The Chevening, why study in the UK essay gives applicants the chance to explain the reason for choosing to study in the UK. The desire to study in the UK varies from one individual to another, but the reasons given in defense of your choice should be valid and practical.

To increase your chances of landing the Chevening Scholarship, read the;

Complete guide on how to write the Chevening studying in the UK essay and the attached (pdf) Sample Chevening Studying in the UK essay example

We hope that the Chevening essay writing tips contained in the four, carefully written Chevening Scholarship Essay Guides and their attached samples will be helpful to international students applying for this year’s Chevening UK masters scholarship program. You may follow our Facebook Page for more Chevening essays tips and updates on new international scholarship progams.


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