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Romeo and Juliet Love Tragedy and the Language of Love in Romeo and Juliet

Language is a useful style in literature writing that is used by writers in various contexts to display emotions, love and affection. In Romeo and Juliet, the language used demonstrates the power of love and emotion.  Gregory and Sampson have different views on relationship. They see relationship with women as a source of sex rather than part of the romantic love. However, this is different from the Romeo and Juliet who have a different view on relationship. Their relationship is an example of the idea of romantic love.

The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was written by Shakespeare on two teenagers who face tragic and untimely deaths. Shake sphere advances the theme of love in the form the choice of special characters Romeo and Juliet. I have chosen the characters Sampson and Gregory in the “Act I Love Charts “ because they compare extensively in various sessions with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Both characters are passionate, extreme and show impressive intelligence. Romeo and Juliet develop the theme of love through where they are presented as young, well-liked and admirable. Their relationship and behavior give the story an extraordinary passion in developing the plot while driven by the power of love.    

There are several features presented from the character chosen that can be analyzed. The first feature is Physical love. This is the type of love demonstrated by Gregory and Simpson. One of the characteristics of physical love is physical contact, which Gregory and Simpson seem to enjoy. This type of love is non-emotional. Gregory lacks the willingness to connect emotionally.  On the other hand, Simpson uses lovemaking in an aggressive way.  For instance, Gregory makes the statement” No, marry I fear thee!” (Romeo, 1-1-50). In this case, Gregory means he cannot see himself in a romantic love or getting married.

In another example, Sampson is talking about what he is going to do to the men and women of the house or Montague. He talks is talking about talking off their heads. Gregory asked” the heads of the maids?” Simpson replies,”Ay, the heads, or the maids, or their maiden heads take it in what sense thou with”.(Romeo, 1-1-39). In this case, Simpson implies that he and Gregory will have sex with the women but not fall in love.

The second feature is romantic love from Romeo and Juliet. Their love has a deep sense of emotional attachment and stands for lifelong commitment and support of one another. For instance, Romeo says,”o then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do!. Thy pray grant thou, lest faith turn to despair” (Romeo, 1-5-102). In this case, Romeo wants to steal a romantic kiss but Juliet fears it is a sin and therefore resists.

In another example, Romeo says” then move not while my prayers effect I take. Thus from my lips, by thine my sin is purged. Then have my lips the sin that they have took” (Romeo 1-5-120). In this case, Romeo offers to kiss Juliet. He is willing to risk eternal damnation according to the beliefs of the time. For the love of Juliet, he shows that he is willing to give his soul for her.

In conclusion, we can learn several things about the power of language from the characters. The language used by Gregory and Simpson is very aggressive and violent. They speak in a manner through which portrays a sense of war and arrogance. The have a feeling that they are superior to others their powerful over women. On the contrary, Romeo wishes to express tender love to Juliet using soft and kind words. Through the choice of kind words and language, he demonstrates his wishes to kiss Juliet. His use of language demonstrates devotion to an emotion love and the willingness to risk his life for Juliet.

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