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New Role of Heading Tahoe Air Service Corporations Means to Andy Wirth.

As the people of the Reno-Tahoe region settle on the news of the election of a new chairperson to lead the Reno -Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, Andy seeks it as an opportunity to do what he loves most. Andy was elected as the new chairperson, and he brings extensive management skills and expertise that will define the future of the corporation for the next couple of years. The Squaw Valley C.E.O and the president have served in some senior management positions, and his new role is an extension of his prosperous career and background in management.

Image result for New Role of Heading Tahoe Air Service Corporations Means to Andy Wirth.

The 49-year-old graduate of Colorado and Edinburgh universities heads several other corporations most of which are related to community service.  He is the co-founder of the Navy Seal Foundation that deals with matters concerning the military special operations as well as their family members. He is also an active contributor community programs related to environmental conservation.  He is also very active in sports especially sky diving.

Accepting the task, Andy reiterated the position is not just a role like any other, but also an opportunity to serve the region by pulling together the resources from the private and public business to market the area. The principal goal of the organization entails bringing together such businesses and pulling these resources to market the area as a perfect tourism destination. His decade’s long experience in the airline industry will be very useful in streaming the objectives of the organization as well as its goals.

On matters of the environment, Andy emphasized that the new role gave him more responsibilities on environmental conservation, which he has willingly accepted. He has been previously involved in wide range of activities that aim in conserving the environment of Tahoe region. As the president of Squaw Valley resort, Andy has overseen the implementation of various projects intended to support conservation efforts in the area. Andy is optimistic that his leadership will improve more on marketing the area by connecting more Airlines to establish flights to the Tahoe Airport.

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