From the Aristotle’s and Cicero’s Theory, stasis questions seek to identify the facts, explore the meaning or nature of the problem, explain how serious the issue is and define the cause of action.

Tutor Victor

Considering the article “the African terror” from the student news daily, the writer reports on the terrorism highlighting on how the U. S airstrikes have killed more than a hundred and fifty-one hundred and fifty terrorists. The ethos of the author of the article aims to convince the reader on the capability of the U.S forces the impacts of their campaign on terrorism. Especially to Alshabab that are already being fought by African troops (AMISOM) and the Somali government. According to the author, the AIR strikes are part of the greater campaign by the American against religion-afflicted terrorism.

In this article, my opinion is different from that of the author. The airstrikes are not a commitment for the American forces to fight global terrorism but its mandate to protect the American interests. There are several terrorist groups and America cannot make it all alone to eliminate every single group of terrorism that emerges in the world. The Americans have ships sailing in the international waters and citizens traveling to that part of the world. It is the responsibility of the American government to eliminate every threat to the American people and their assets. The troops were performing their mandate bestowed to them by the American government from her citizens.

Although the author of the article has correctly identified the facts about the Air strikes, where they took place and the reason for it to happen, he has however associated with the wrong cause.


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