Sample outline, Topic-Aluminium Foam



Aluminum Foam

2. Abstract,

Definition of the aluminum foam, Thesis, a summary of structures, discussion and summary

3. Introduction

-Aluminum foam is a metal foam that is made up a cellular structure with several gas poles that take up a huge fraction of the metal foam. It consists of properties that make it uniquely suitable for applications like heat exchangers and catalyst converters (Roush, web).

4.  Basic aluminum foam structures

-Aluminumform exists in two different forms (Sadot et al, 279,280)

                  4.2.Stochastic/reticulated  foam

-Consists of metal coating on its base structure rather than metal/.

-The material matrix is uniform   

                    4.3 Regular stacked cell foam

-takes up the form of 4- sided polygon (tetrakaidecahedrons).

-thecells are stacked and its pores are open ended

5. Material sand methods

           5.1 Properties of aluminum foam (Wang, pg.3476)

-made of aluminum metal (98%)

-Each structure contains different size, density, melting point, tensile, elasticity, specific heat, expansion , resistivity among others(Shih et al,743)

         5.2 Processing of aluminum foam

 6. Discussion

  6.1 Applications(Jang,618)

-heat exchangers/sinks (Foam, web)

-catalysts surface

-oil and water filters

-concreteslabs (Wu, 464)

 7. Conclusion

-Aluminum foam is used in various industries that include construction, electrical among others.

8. References

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