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Journal 4: Experiences of the Chinese Laborers in the United States.



There are several strategies that you could use to write a reader response.  You may choose one (or more) of these, or make up your own.

Summary – A summary should clearly and concisely encapsulate the most important points of the reading.  This format may be particularly useful when we are reading secondary sources or longer primary source materials.  For secondary sources, ask yourself: what is the writer’s central claim?  What is the writer arguing against?  What important concepts, including distinctive terms or words, is the author introducing or using?

Key Quotation:  Select a substantial quotation from the reading, and use it to construct your response.  How does that quote represent the core of the reading?  How might it relate to something else (in the readings, in the lecture, in the news)?

Statement:  Begin with the statement with the phrase “I notice” and write about what you notice about the reading.  Follow it with the statement “I wonder.”  What do you wonder about the reading, or what does the reading make you wonder about other readings?

Please do not forget to write something about the timespan, and it’s always important to get clarity on that.
For example,  St. John de Crevecoeur was writing a few centuries ago, not decades ago, and since he was writing, his writing couldn’t be prehistoric.

You might want to experiment with some of the other strategies, such as the key quotation or the I notice/I wonder. Thanks

Sample Essay

Journal 4: Experiences of the Chinese Laborers in United States

A number of the Chinese migrated to the U.S in 19th century in search of the better paying jobs especially in California gold mines. However, their search for better life was faced with numerous challenges, which included mistreatment and death. According to Yuk Ow et al (1852), the Chinese culture that discouraged burying their dead in the foreign lands was one of these challenges. The Chinese men therefore had to arrange for their remains to be shipped back to china in case they met their sudden death in the United States. This was made possible by various associations made of the Chinese that contributed money to ensure their fellow Chinese men rested peacefully buried in their homeland.

Although carrying the dead was a challenge for the Chinese, dying while searching for a better life was even worse. The resentment to the Chinese was great because of the threat they paused for the American jobs. A letter addressed to the governor expresses the equal resentment the Chinese faced from the American leaders as well, (Asing, 1852). Despite America being a country made of immigrant from Europe, the Chinese were not welcome in this new nation.



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