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The way a physical space relates to society is centrally affected by transportation. Human activities development in urban and human space can be influenced by the transportation changes. These changes can lead to the stimulation of urban growth, modifying the existing environment and even creating connections between the national urban and other cities. This work shall focus on the outcome of developments of transportation findings necessary to sociological review concerning urban public transportation. Outlining some of the benefits that can be observed when we use the public transportation system.
Importance of Public Transportation
The use of public transportation is important to individuals, various communities or the nation in general. There are greater benefits when urban and rural transit systems are improved. Criden (2009) p 2&3. When the public transportation system is improved, there would be the preservation of small urban and rural communities, and even sustaining their characters. Economic growth can be encouraged by rural development when local locations for customer services are increased. These benefits may include; better medical facilities, increased number of shopping centers and improved facilities for education. These transport system can also upgrade the efficiency of an economy. These transits can also decline social and economic imbalance by promoting flexibility for residents. This is necessary since most of the residents may lack means of transport, which may hinder job seeking far from their residential areas.
Finally, the use of public transportation helps in decreasing the expenses used on household matters and allocates income for other uses. Due to public transport, economic development can be stimulated. The taxpayers’ money invested can generate good income to other individuals and even to the government.

Drawbacks of public Transportation

However, there can be other limitations that are associated with public transport. Many sociological urban issues create problems such as traffic congestions, due to the increased number of public transit and people. Barkan Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World. Congestion of the residents can lead to the housing crisis. In addition to that, houses become expensive and most residents are forced to live in inferior housing. A lot of money is sometimes used in public transportation. Therefore, most peoples cannot be able to afford the necessary money for this case, especially when traveling for a long distance. Clara (2013). There can also be the possibility of being attacked or robbed. This may happen in areas where travelers are unfamiliar with certain cultures, customs or languages. Some of the types of public transit are prone to various malfunctioning cases, and this might lead to irregularities in the services they offer. Travelers involved in such situations will have to be delayed and they traveling plans ruined.


The use of public transportation is spiraling across the globe. Most of the citizens from various countries are discovering some of the benefits one can enjoy when they use train, buses and ferries to travel. This indeed has created an international between countries because mobility is possible and efficient. However, there are some challenges which have been discovered in public transportation. As we have discussed above, we need to set some goals aiming at reducing some of the social and economic problems likely to be experienced.


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