30 Best International Masters Scholarships for Foreign Students

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Are you interested in studying abroad under partial or fully funded international masters scholarships for foreign students in 2022/2023/2024? At HavardEssays, we have compiled a list of the most popular, best international masters degree scholarship programs.

List of the Best Partial and Fully-Funded Scholarships in European Universities – 2022/2023-2024

The undergraduate and masters degree courses covered by the list of higher education sponsorship programs below are offered by some of the best universities in the world.

The free international masters scholarships are best suited for foreign students who are interested in studying abroad and relocating to foreign universities in the UK, US, Germany, Italy, and other western countries in Europe and North America where they are offered.

International masters scholarships in US, France, Germany Australia, Italy, France and UK universities

European Government International Scholarships for Foreign Students

1. British Chevening International Masters Scholarships (UK)

Chevening Scholarships, the UK government’s global scholarships program for international students, are awarded to outstanding scholars from Chevening-eligible countries around the world. Awards are typically given to winning Chevening scholarship applicants for a one-year Master’s degree program in selected UK universities.

Most Chevening Scholarships cover tuition fees, a living allowance at a set rate (for one individual), an economy class return airfare to the UK, and additional grants to cover essential expenditure.

Chevening Scholarship 2022-2023

The fully funded, UK masters degree scholarships are offered to qualified international students who are interested in studying in UK universities. Applications for the Chevening masters degree scholarship program open annually in the month of August.

See our Chevening Scholarship 2022/2023 Application Guide Chevening scholarship application process and guides for writing winning Chevening scholarship essays with samples and examples.

2. DAAD International Masters Scholarships for Students in Developing Countries (Germany)

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarships are open for a range of postgraduate courses with special relevance to developing countries at German Universities. The scholarships are specifically targeted to international students and young professionals from developing countries in Africa, Asia, Pacific Islands, Central and South America and Central and Eastern Europe.

DAAD scholarship supports selected programmes with a variety of fully paid or partial scholarships. Germany’s DAAD Helmet-Schmidt Masters scholarship is one of the most popular international masters scholarship programs in Europe.

DAAD Helmet-Schmidt Masters Scholarship 2023

The DAAD Helmet-Schmidt scholarship program to study in Germany is a free masters degree scholarship program for bright foreign students who are interested in studying abroad in world class European Universities.

The German masters degree scholarships program is sponsored by the government of Germany in partnership with leading German universities.

3. Holland Scholarships to Study Abroad in Netherlands

The Holland Government Scholarship program in Netherlands is meant for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who want to do their Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree at participating Universities in Holland.  The scholarship amounts to € 5,000 which you will receive this in the first year of your studies in Netherlands.

4. Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (Sweden)

The Swedish Institute international scholarship program provides scholarships in Sweden to highly-qualified international students from developing countries who wants to study at Sweden Universities.  Scholarships are intended for studies in Sweden and focus mainly on master’s level. The scholarship covers tuition fee, living expenses, some travel grant, and insurance.

5. VLIR-UOS Belgium Government Scholarship Awards (Belgium)

VLIR-UOS Belgium International masters scholarships are open to foreign students from 54 developing countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to pursue an English Taught Training or Master’s Programme related to development at Universities in Belgium. The scholarships cover tuition fee, accomodation, allowance, travel costs,  and other program related costs.

6. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme (France)

The Eiffel scholarship program for international students studying in France was developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a tool to enable French higher education institutions attract the best foreign students for master’s and PhD degree programs.

Eiffel scholarship holders receive a monthly allowance and other expenses such as return trip, health insurance and cultural activities. It does not cover tuition fees.

7. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students (Switzerland)

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships provide graduates from around 180 countries with the opportunity to pursue doctoral or postdoctoral research in any academic field  at one of the public funded university or recognized institution in Switzerland.  The scholarship covers a monthly allowance, tuition fees, health insurance, lodging allowance, etc.

8. Danish Government Scholarships for Non-EU/EEA Students  (Denmark)

A number of Danish International scholarships are offered each year by the Danish Ministry of Education to fund highly qualified and motivated international students from outside the European Union, EU/EEA, who wish to pursue full degree higher education programme at participating Danish Universities.

The international masters scholarships can be given as full or partial tuition fee waivers and/or grants towards covering your living costs.

9. Italian Government International Scholarships and Bursaries for Foreign Students in Italy

The Italian Government scholarships are available to students studying in Italy, both to foreign citizens and Italian citizens resident abroad. The free masters scholarship program is open to eligible International students from all over the world.

The scholarships for studying in Italy are towards University degree courses, Advanced vocational training, art and music courses, Masters Degree courses, PhD Courses, etc.  In the case of Italian Government bursaries, only can only get sponsorship for courses that last for three, six, or nine months.

European Universities Offering Masters and Undergraduate Scholarships for Foreign Students

10. Gates Cambridge Scholarships (UK)

Gates Cambridge Scholarships are awarded to outstanding applicants from countries outside the UK to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any subject available at the University of Cambridge.

The fully paid scholarship covers the cost of studying at Cambridge, namely the University Composition Fee and College fees at the appropriate rate, a maintenance allowance for a single student, one economy single airfare at both the beginning and end of the course, and inbound visa costs.

11. Rhodes Scholarships at University of Oxford (UK)

Rhodes Scholarships program, established in the will of Cecil Rhodes in 1902, is the oldest and perhaps the most prestigious international scholarship program in the world.

The Rhodes Scholarships are postgraduate awards that supports exceptional international students from selected countries to study in the UK at the University of Oxford.   A Rhodes Scholarship covers all university fees, personal stipend, health insurance, and airfare to and from the student’s home country.

12. Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together Scholarships (UK)

Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together scholarships are open to international students and European Union (non-UK) students applying to a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate taught course at Sheffield Hallam University. Half fee waiver (50%) is available for postgraduate courses and for each year of an undergraduate degree.

13. Developing Solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham (UK)

The University of Nottingham UK Developing Solutions Scholarships are designed for international students from Africa, India or one of the developing countries of the Commonwealth who want to study a Masters Degree at the University of Nottingham and make a difference to the development of their home country.

Each year,  105 scholarships  are awarded– Out of the total University of Nottingham higher education sponsorships, 30 scholarships will cover the full tuition fee while 75 will cover 50% of the tuition fee.

14. Leiden University Excellence Scholarships in Netherlands

The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Programme (LExS) is open to outstanding Non-EU/EEA students enrolling in a master’s degree programme offered at Leiden University in Netherlands. The scholarships come in the form of the following: €10,000 of the tuition fee, €15,000 of the tuition fee, or total tuition fee minus the home fee.

15. University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships (Netherlands)

The University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships are made available by the UM Scholarship Fund with the aim of encouraging talented students from outside the EEA to follow a master’s programme at UM.  The scholarships include tuition fee, living expenses, visa costs, and insurance.

Other Popular Partial and Fully Paid Masters Scholarships in the UK, US, Germany, Australia, and Europe

16. UK Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries

The UK Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships are for candidates from eligible lower and middle income Commonwealth countries, to undertake full-time taught Master’s study in a UK university. Normally, the Commonwealth Scholarships Council does not fund a second UK Master’s degree. If you are applying for a second UK Master’s degree, you will need to provide justification as to why you wish to undertake this study.

To apply for these scholarships, candidates must:

  • Be a citizen of or have been granted refugee status by an eligible Commonwealth country, or be a British Protected Person
  • Be permanently resident in an eligible Commonwealth country
  • Be available to start your academic studies in the UK by the start of the UK academic year in September 2023
  • By September 2023, hold a first degree of at least upper second class (2:1) honours standard, or a second class degree (2:2) and a relevant postgraduate qualification (usually a Master’s degree).
  • Be unable to afford to study in the UK without this scholarship Have provided all supporting documentation in the required format

17. Rotary Foundation Masters Scholarship 2023

18. Glasgow International Leadership Scholarships in the UK 2023-2024

The University of Glasgow International Leadership Scholarships are available to International and EU (non-UK) students starting a postgraduate taught Masters programme in any discipline for Academic Session 2023-24. The international masters scholarships are awarded as a tuition fees discount.

To be eligible, applicants must;

  • Demonstrate academic excellence and achieve grades equivalent to UK 1st Class Honours
  • Hold an offer of a place for a postgraduate taught programme for September 2023
  • Have International or EU (non-UK) fee status

19. University of New South Wales Masters Scholarships in Australia 2023

Australia’s University of New South Wales Masters Scholarship Program comprises of five scholarship categories that are open to eligible international students. The best thing about UNSW international scholarships in Australia is that interested students can apply to all of the available scholarship categories. The Scholarships for International Students include;

  • International Scientia Coursework Scholarship
  • Australia’s Global Award
  • India Future of Change Scholarship
  • UNSW Global Academic Award
  • International Student Award

20. Fulbright Scholarship Program USA 2023

The US Fulbright Scholarship Program provides higher education sponsorships to US and Non-US students to pursue masters degree programs in US universities. The Fulbright U.S. Scholarship Program gives out over 800 awards annually in more than 135 countries to students and professionals who want to study, teach, conduct research, and carry out professional projects.

21. Heinrich Boll Scholarships In Germany for International Students 2023

The Heinrich Böll Foundation grants scholarships annually to approximately 1500 undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students of all subjects and nationalities, who are pursuing their degree at universities in Germany, specifically in the fields of applied science and the arts.

22. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships 2023

The Aga Khan Foundation International Masters Scholarships Program provides a limited number of scholarships each year for postgraduate studies to outstanding students from select developing countries who have no other means of financing their studies, in order to develop effective scholars and leaders and to prepare them for employment, primarily within the AKDN.

Aga Khan Scholarships are awarded on a 50% grant : 50% loan basis through a competitive application process once a year in June or July.  The Foundation gives priority to requests for Master’s level courses but is willing to consider applications for PhD programmes, only in the case of outstanding students who are highly recommended for doctoral studies by their professors.

The Aga Khan Foundation accepts masters degree scholarship applications from nationals of the following countries: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar and Mozambique.

In France, Portugal, UK, USA and Canada, applications are accepted from those who are originally from one of the above developing countries, are interested in development-related studies and who have no other means of financing their education.

23. Erasmus Mundus European Scholarship Program for Joint Masters Degree Scholarships in Europe 2023

What are the Benefits of Studying Abroad Under Sponsorship Programs for International Students?

Studying abroad under partial or fully funded international sponsorship programs is an opportunity that’s unlike any other. It may be one of the most eye opening experiences for foreign or international students. Here is a list of the top reasons why studying abroad in a foreign university under international masters scholarship programs is an awesome idea.

1. See the World

Experience a new country with incredible new outlooks, customs and attractions.

2. Education

Eperience different higher education systems.

3. Experience a New Culture

Get fascinated by distinct cultural perspectives, incredible new foods, customs, traditions, and ways of life.

4. Learn a new Language and Improve your Language Skills

In addition to the considerable language practice you will get in day to day life, your host university will likely offer language courses to provide you with a more formal communication skills training.

5. Career Opportunities

When you finish your study abroad program and return home, you will return with a new perspective on culture, language skills, a great education, and a willingness to learn. Needless to say, all of these are very attractive to future employers.

6. Find New Interests

Studying abroad in a new country offers many new activities and interests that you may never have discovered if you’d stayed at home. You might find that you have an undiscovered talent.

7. Make New Lifelong Friends

One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to meet new lifelong friends from different backgrounds.

8. Personal Development

Being in a new place tests your ability to adapt to diverse situations while developing the capacity to solve problems.

9. New Life Experiences and the Opportunity to Get Foreign Jobs

Why study in UK universities for instance? For most students, a masters degree scholarship program may be the only opportunity they ever get to travel and live abroad. Eventually you may find a well paying part-time job for students or even a career opportunity.

Winning international masters scholarships to study abroad may be a once in a life time opportunity for needy foreign students. A number of scholarships are open for grabs in the 2023-2024 academic calendar. Take this opportunity for a fully sponsored university degree program to travel the world without commitments in addition to studying and learning new languages and cultures.


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