Several times the national government forces its policies on the state government through attached conditions on provision of aid and assistance. However, in some instances, the conditions that are set by the national government are not provided for in the federal constitution. For instance, the case of Washington attached its conditions for the state to enact drinking laws on individuals under the age of 21. Another instance is when the federal government attached conditions on states to control of gun laws or miss on the state funding (Kim, 2013).


In my opinion, the extent at which the national government should attach “strings” or conditions on states should be purely based on provisions of the constitutions. The federal government should recognize the independence of the states. Therefore, such conditions should follow the provisions of the constitutions and not the interests of the national government.

On the other hand, the state government should refuse aid given by the national government that includes conditions not provided for in the constitution. This is due to protect their independence and avoid being coerced by the national government to interfere on their operations. The state government’s independence is protected by the federal constitution and they only operate as per the constitution.

There is clear distinctive boundary set by the constitution on the mandate of the national government and the state government (Swenson, & Deller,2001).. However, the move by the national government to attach necessary conditions that states must meet for national assistance undermines the independence of the state government. The national government should recognize the conditions given by the national constitutional on shared responsibility between the national governments and the states government.


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