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Human trafficking is an emerging form of modern slavery. In Ukraine, the country is classified in the second tier (watch list) because of the following reasons:  The country does not comply with the minimum standards set by the TVPA.   Despite the country struggling to achieve these standards, the number of human trafficking cases in Ukraine is rising steadily. The government fails to provide evidence of its commitment to HT. However, it has shown significant commitment to meet the minimum standards set by the TVPA hence categorized in tier 2. The most prevalent form of human trafficking in the country is sex trafficking followed by forced labor. The country is a major source, transit and a destination where victims are trafficked to and from Russia, Poland and other parts of Europe.

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The Ukraine and the whole of Europe prosecuted 4,197 cases of human cases where 1585 cases were convicted. The total number of victims identified in the 11,910. In Ukraine specifically, there were 109 prosecutions in 2014 where 36 cases were convicted. The law in Ukraine prohibits all forms of trafficking with a penalty of imprisonment for not more than 15years.
            The Ukrainian government does not show significant effort in fighting human trafficking. The number of victims identified by the authorities decrease every year. The trafficking laws grant applicants special victim status to remain in the country although it is poorly implemented. Non-government organizations provide the highest funding and assistance to the victims more than the government. However, the government has adopted procedures and procedures on providing victims with housing, financial assistance, medical training psychological counseling.

To prevent human trafficking, the government has implemented a national action plan that includes awareness campaigns to sensitive the potential victims on human trafficking. The social ministry acts as the coordinator to prevent human trafficking by training the police on combating human trafficking. The government is also tightening measures in worksite inspection to ensure they comply against human trafficking.

It is recommended that the Ukrainian government to implement tough prosecution and conviction to human traffickers to discourage them from human trafficking. They should also train its judges, police and authorizes on dealing with human trafficking offences to ensure victim justice.

In summary, Ukrainian government has not demonstrated much effort in fighting human trafficking. Although it has a on how to combat human trafficking, it’s required the government implements tough laws on human traffickers, create awareness to potential victims and protect victims against cruelty of the traffickers including human protection.

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