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Response 1

Why families are better off today than in the past 100 years

The American families are better off today than the past 100 years because thousands of children no longer work full time in the mines, mills, and sweatshops as it was in the past century. Working hours have improved allowing the workers to spend more time with their families. Often people would work more than 10 hrs. a day and more than 6 days a week leaving them little or no time to spend with the families. The woman worked at, low wages that they had to turn to prostitution and had were granted no voting rights. Mortality rate was high among children that there a high likely higher chance that a white child will lose a brother or a sister before the age of 15. Men rarely paid for child support for the wives they divorced and education was at poor standards where only 6 percent of the students graduated as compared to the current 88 percent of students graduating today.

Response 2

Why as a society we long for a return to 1950

In the 1950’s, there was a significant decrease in divorce rates witnessed for the first time in a century. The fertility rates also were high resulting an increase in nuclear families. In 1950,s long ranging debates on social and cultural issues that divided the American society in the past one and half century went silent. There was also a significant drop in the foreign births in the country. This was an indication of a consensus on the family norms and values. Mortgage rates were reduced by the GI bill enabling more men to support their families and achieve a college education. These factors supported Americans in building stable families.

Response 3

Do you think the society could return to the families of the 1950’s?

In my opinion, societies cannot return to 1950 because there has been a significant change in the social structures and lifestyle. Today women are working alongside their husbands to cater to support their families whereas fathers are spending more time in home care as opposed to the 1950’s. In the 1950’s the husband ignoring his wife was more than common in above average happier marriage. This has changed with people unready to spend time in unhappy marriages that have risen the number of divorces in America. Individuals were obligated to follow their gender and sexual rules which are not the case today as the roles a have mixed up as compared to the 1950’s.

Response 4

Do you think as a nation, we would be better off if we returned to the families in the 1950’s why or why not

In my opinion, Returning to the families of the 1950’s will not make us better off in any way. Despite the life in 1950 looking seemingly better, a lot has changed that will make today’s life irrelevant to that of that times .the mortality rates have reduced significantly especially among the children. The cost of life has also expanded family structures where both partners have to work for family support unlike in 1950 where husbands were likely the sole provider. Security has also increased where kids are safer in the today’s society than the in 1950s society. This is an indication of improvement in life and families to the better as compared to the times in 1950. The current society is far better the 1950 society.


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