Economic Impact of Panama Canal to United States

Panama Canal is among the largest investments of the last century and has brought significant economic returns for the United States. The Panama Canal project opened a shortcut for the delivery of the products such as petroleum from the west to United States’ east coast especially California. Panama Canal had several benefits to Panama as …


Homelessness in the UK Mitigation Social Services

Homelessness in the UK is a complex challenge that requires the use of social services mitigation strategies for solving the multitude of factors associated with homelessness


Homelessness and Human Resource Management in the UK

Homelessness in the UK from a Human Resource Management Perspective using the case study of the London Borough of Croydon and Shelter From the Storm social services charity


Extrinsic Employee Motivation: Training, Salary, Promotion and Employee Performance

How extrinsic employee motivation factors like salary, training, and promotion enhance employee performance. Employee motivation involves the provision of proper guidance, resources, direction and rewards in order to inspire performance


Apple’s Strategic Plan: Summary of Apple Company’s Strategic Plan

Apple’s strategic plan is key to the realization of Apple’s goals and objectives. Apple’s strategic plan focuses on its products; the Mac…



The Johari window model is very significant in describing one’s view of themselves- the self-view and how one is viewed by others in our lives. The model improves ones perception about himself/herself improving communication, as people are more aware and confident of themselves and the information they may wish to share with others. The Johari …


Cognitive Dissonance Theory of Communication Dissonance and Consonance

Cognitive dissonance theory provides a solution to psychological problems affecting communication that arise from holding two conflicting beliefs at the same time. Definition of Cognitive Dissonance and Cognitive Consonance.