US Immigration Attitudes and Immigrants in America

Immigration is one aspect of globalization that has elicited an intense debate in recent times, with some countries being openly repulsive to migrants. This kind of reaction is based on varied concerns that mostly touch on competition for resources between natives and the immigrants. In the US, the debate on immigration and the impact of …


Review of ‘A Lesson before Dying’ By Earnest Gaines

A Lesson before Dying is a novel written by Earnest Gaines. Jeffrey Folks criticizes the idea presented by Earnest Gaines in his novel “A Lesson before Dying” on the concept of communal responsibility. Jeffrey Folks bases his criticism on the sentencing and conviction of Jefferson. Pdf Download A Lesson Before Dying Ebook According to Jeffrey …


How Slavery Contributed to American Civil War

lavery was a major cause of the American Civil War. The conflict over slavery was based on the fact that, American republicans in the Union’s Northern States were opposed to slave ownership while American democrats in the Southern States supported were opposed to its abolishment…


Homelessness in the UK Mitigation Social Services

Homelessness in the UK is a complex challenge that requires the use of social services mitigation strategies for solving the multitude of factors associated with homelessness


Wedding Planning, Emerging Wedding Trends and Wedding Events Management

Trends in wedding planning, wedding events management, social-cultural importance of weddings and challenges faced by wedding planners


American Civil War and Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse

American civil war forms a significant part of American history. Fought from conflicting interests between the Union and the Confederates, the war lasted for four years and led to more casualties than all the wars the country had edged into, combined. The war also marked the turning point for their unity of the American people, …


Child Abuse and Child Neglect Case Study Sample

Child abuse and child neglect are common forms of child mistreatment. Child abuse is one of the biggest challenges facing governments worldwide.


Abraham Lincoln and Abolishment of Slavery

Abraham Lincoln and his abolishment of slavery is, for several reasons, an important part of the greater American history. First, Abraham Lincoln’s ban on slavery largely contributed to conflict between America’s Northern and the Southern States leading to the American civil war. It also forms the greatest legacy that President Abraham Lincoln is remembered for …


Autism in Children, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Education of Autistic Children

Autism in children is a widely expanding research topic with scholars exploring how factors like education affect children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Autism in children and Autism spectrum disorders. Literature review of features of children with autism and education of autistic children