IFE Matrix Analysis: Internal Factor Evaluation

IFE Matrix Analysis or Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix analysis, is among the most ideal tools for strategic business management. IFE Matrix analysis is useful for the internal auditing of organizations. The Internal Factor Evaluation matrix is employed in the internal analysis of various business functions like finance, marketing, IT, accounts, operations, Human Resources, etc, depending …


Strategic EFE Matrix Analysis or External Factor Evaluation

EFE Matrix analysis or external factors evaluation matrix analysis is used in strategic management for analysis of the external threats and opportunities


Total Quality Management/ TQM Models of Quality Improvement

Total quality management, TQM, and its related theoretical models of quality improvement, is currently recognized as an essential management…


Amazon’s Six Sigma Model of Total Quality Management

Amazon’s Six Sigma model of total quality management, TQM, is used by Amazon to improve management operations. The Six Sigma model of quality improvement is…


Homelessness and Human Resource Management in the UK

Homelessness in the UK from a Human Resource Management Perspective using the case study of the London Borough of Croydon and Shelter From the Storm social services charity


L’Oreal SWOT Analysis, Cosmetics Industry & L’Oreal’s Market Strategy

L’Oreal SWOT Analysis, Beauty and Cosmetics Industry & L’Oreal’s Market Strategy. L’Oreal has made great ventures into various beauty and cosmetics markets across the globe. L’Oreal’s SWOT Analysis and marketing strategy


QSPM Matrix Analysis of Amazon. Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix

Quantitative strategic planning matrix analysis, QSPM Matrix template sample, and example QSPM matrix analysis of Amazon and its strategic management options


Apple’s Strategic Plan: Summary of Apple Company’s Strategic Plan

Apple’s strategic plan is key to the realization of Apple’s goals and objectives. Apple’s strategic plan focuses on its products; the Mac…