Porter’s Five Forces Model of Competitive Analysis. Strategic Business Analysis

Porter’s five forces model of competitive analysis is a strategic business management tool used to analyze the market competitiveness of a business


Definition of Key Terms in Strategic Management

Definitions of key terms in strategic management. Competitive advantage, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, objectives, policies, strategies


QSPM Matrix Analysis & Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix Template

QSPM Matrix Analysis, Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix. Statistical analysis tool for decision making in developing a business strategy


Stages of Strategic Management – Formulation, Implementation, Evaluation

Stages of Strategic management. Analyzing a business with the aim of setting objec­tives, developing strategies, and making growth decisions


SWOT Analysis: Simple & Advanced Business Competitiveness SWOT Analyses

Advanced SWOT Analysis of Business Competitiveness. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats. Strategic Business Analysis Tools


Benefits of Strategic Management. Financial and Non-Financial Benefits

Benefits of Strategic Management. Strategic management allows an organization to be more proactive than reactive in shaping its own future.


Academic Writing Style, Definition, Guide and Types of Scholarly Writing

What is academic writing style? Academic writing refers to the clear, compact, focussed, and structured style of writing academic essay papers or scholarly articles that is backed up by proof


US Immigration Attitudes and Immigrants in America

Immigration is one aspect of globalization that has elicited an intense debate in recent times, with some countries being openly repulsive to migrants. This kind of reaction is based on varied concerns that mostly touch on competition for resources between natives and the immigrants. In the US, the debate on immigration and the impact of …


IFE Matrix Analysis: Internal Factor Evaluation

IFE Matrix Analysis or Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix analysis, is among the most ideal tools for strategic business management. IFE Matrix analysis is useful for the internal auditing of organizations. The Internal Factor Evaluation matrix is employed in the internal analysis of various business functions like finance, marketing, IT, accounts, operations, Human Resources, etc, depending …


Strategic EFE Matrix Analysis or External Factor Evaluation

EFE Matrix analysis or external factors evaluation matrix analysis is used in strategic management for analysis of the external threats and opportunities