Law breaking criminals deserve to be punished as a way of correcting to realize their mistakes to enable them rectify. However, when they are sentenced to death penalty, they are denied a chance to ever correct their mistakes or ever realize where they did wrong. According to Death and justice from the famous U.S politician who house for representatives for the New York City Edward Koch, capital punishments are morally wrong (Koch pg. 489). Koch argues that death penalty is never used in democratic countries and therefore America should restrain from death penalties as a means of punishment for lawbreakers. In addition, several innocent people who are executed by mistakes and this take away their precious life as a mistake.

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Koch approach is that death penalty is barbaric, any form of death inflicted penalty is designed to be painful and a horrible experience for the criminal. Initially, death penalty used cruel means like hanging, electrocution and suffocation.  However, the change introduced uses lethal indication and it is the most used form of death penalty. This is an attempt to make death more human to uphold the value of human life. Death is death no matter the way it is brought by, the best option can be granting criminals a chance to rectify their mistakes (Koch, pg. 483).

From a Rogerian approach, death penalty should never be used as a way of punishing criminals. This is because the method provides no chance for the criminals to rectify their mistakes neither does it improve the situation. It is true that life is precious on both sides and the criminal who has taken the life of an innocent ought to repay with her own life. However, ending life for another neither does it provide nor solution. The best alternative is allowing the criminal a chance to rectify his/her mistakes through alternative punishments.

Koch argued that death penalty does not play the role it is intended. It cheapens the life of an individual. Despite that it is perceived to be the best interest of justice, capital punishments are de humanizing irrespective of the nature of the crime committed. This is explained by the high number of death row convicts who appeal for their sentences. Koch compares death penalty to the state sanctioned murder. It can be perceived as the misuse of the powers given to the state by its citizens and abuses of the rights of individuals especially considering innocent ones convicted of death penalties (Koch, pg. 483).

In an overall perspective, the state should consider other alternatives like life in prison to punish capital crime offenders. This gives their life more value while allowing them time to changes and integrate back with the society. By giving these criminals a chance to change and leave with regret of their actions. In this way, justice can be served to both the victim and the offender.  In addition, there is no proven statistics that death penalty results in reduction in crime rates. Eliminating the death penalty in the society, will give the value of individual the right to live irrespective of the crimes, which he/she will be given a chance can correct and integrate within the society.

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