A soldier’s play by Charles fuller FILM REVIEW

A soldier’s play by Charles fuller is one of the many movies that detail the reality and experience of the American soldiers during the second world war. However, what makes the movie different and outstanding from others is its cast and plot. Fuller utilized the full potential of the events from the war to create a movie that is based on the investigations of the murder of an African soldier who served as an army sergeant.

The movie soldiers boys and the rising in the sun have are very similar in theme and settings. These portray the theme of African American life and employ similar techniques in developing the plot and the message they wish to pass to the audience. They both involve the black characters with the aim of communicating to the audience the civil movements and abuse of rights targeting African Americans.  Additionally, both plots develop in the same period at the height of the civil rights movements and the aftermath of the second world war. The works of Hansberry and fuller works seem very much related.

Although both base their settings on the issues of racism and, the solders play has more aspects of the military than the other does in the setting. In my opinion, I prefer the solder’s story by Charles fuller. This is because it is more specific in developing its theme the A rising the sun. Additionally, I am a fan of military movies and play, which make prefer a soldier’s story the other a Raisin in the sun.

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