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Image result for adolescence
Tutor Victor

The study involved observing the behavior and interviewing a specific age group. i choose an adolescence age group where I identified a high school teenage girl in her final year of study. In addition to the observations, the study also involved interviewing the girl and noting her responses to a set of relevant questions regard development. The questions sought to evaluate her psychological and cognitive capabilities on some factors regarding her surrounding environment. The results from the study were analyzed and discussed in relation to the Piaget’s theory of development.


The observation was done of 17-year-old girl by the name of Mary. The observation was done at Mary’s house for an entire evening.   The major observations were based on planning, competence, communications and interaction with other people or the environment the house was well kept, planned, and looked neat. All her belongings were kept to avoid blocking the pathways. Luckily, the observation coincided with her mother’s birthday party. This presented an opportunity to observe on Mary’s communication and interaction with other people. Mary looked happy and well composed in welcoming every one of us in congratulating her mother on her birthday.

Observational data

10:27- the party begins and Mary stands up to welcome us to her mother’s birthday party at her home

10:40-She picks up her glass and gets a  sip of wine while looking at her mother who is now blowing candles

10:50- when Mary is trying to put down her wines glass she knocks it over and spills the wine to her father who is seated next to her. She picks up some wet cloth to wipe it over.

10:55-mary rises to pick the birthday cake cut by her mother and distributes it to all of us. Later retracts to her position where she engages her father in a low tone conversation.

11:03- Mary rises again to give vote of thanks for the brief party as people resume their conversations. The brief party is almost ending. She joins her father and they continue with their conversation.

11:17- Mary asks her grandmother” why are you leaving is such a hurry grandma”. She replies, “ I have to take my medicine before it too late dear”, she rise to see her out and returns with a rose flower which she gives to her mother.

11:30 Mary rises us again to tidy up the place and take the collects the used utensils and takes them to the kitchen.

A graphical analysis of her activities are as follows

Tutor Victor

After observing Mary for an hour, I engaged her in interview to conclude my study before the evening was over. The first question I asked was on what she likes most. Mary explained that she like socializing participating on extra-curricular activities. She also like spending time with her family and attending social events like parties. Secondly, I asked her on how she feels about serving others. Mary was keen to explain to me that the feels honored serving others. That was demonstrated on how active she was on her mother party.

The third question I asked Mary was on her hardworking. Mostly adolescent are pushed to work but Mary volunteered and worked hard to keep her place tidy and ensuring that her mother birthday was well. I later asked on what she would like to do on her free time. On this note, Mary answered me that she never likes to be idle at any time and whenever she is not  busy with school work, she likes helping her parents at home with  any household chores that needed attention. On the question on what she detests most, Mary answered” I detest being associated with the wrong behaviors like drugs abuse and alcoholism. That is why I like keeping myself busy with positive activities.”.


In the study, my intention was to analyze Mary’s physical and psychosocial assessment through her actions. The adolescence is part of the early childhood that forms the peak of physical capabilities (Fischer, Yan, & Stewart, 2003). Professionalism also begins to develop at adolescences. Through this stage, people are highly influenced by their environment. Lifestyle decisions also have an effect on aging.  Some lifestyle decisions that are mainly made by adolescents include drug abuse, sex and alcoholism, which have an effect and increase of young people dying. Lifestyle decisions have also an effect on responsibility and behavior (Arnett, 2000). Lastly, physical responsibility in adolescents influences cognitive development. The more active teens are in positive active, the emotions and psychological reasoning tends to advance (McLeod,2009).


The study helped me learn on the influence of decisions that youth make on their behavior. I also learnt that the environment that the adolescents play a significant role on their physical behaviors. Beings active physically as an adolescent enhances psychological capabilities. Although being mature is persevered mostly for adults, it is associated with the ones behavior and responsibility. For instance, Mary is a teenage who works hard to help her parents at home after school to avoid being idles. By this, she appears more responsible and in essence mature. 


Arnett, J. J. (2000). Emerging adulthood: A theory of development from the late teens through the twenties. American psychologist55(5), 469.

Fischer, K. W., Yan, Z., & Stewart, J. (2003). Adult cognitive development: Dynamics in the developmental web. Handbook of developmental psychology, 491-516.

McLeod, S. (2009). Jean Piaget. Simply psychology.

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