Academic Writing Style, Definition, Guide and Types of Scholarly Writing

Academic Writing Style: What is Academic Writing?

Academic writing or scholarly writing refers to the clear, compact, focussed, and structured essay writing style used in academic essay papers or scholarly papers that is backed up by proof. Academic or scholarly writing is also defined as a type of scholarly essay writing that employs a formal tone and style.

The academic writing style employed when writing academic papers is dependent on the subject of writing or the scholarly discipline in context.  This is largely because each subject or discipline of scholarly paper writing has some unique guidelines on the permissible academic writing style and jargon to be used in respective academic essay papers.

What is the Purpose of Academic Writing?

The main motivation of academic writing is to help the reader of an academic paper to understand the idea or argument posed by the writer through a logical, structured presentation of facts and evidence-based arguments on a specific topic.


Academic Writing Definition, Characteristics and Style Guide for academic essay paper writing

What are the Characteristics of Scholarly Writing?

Academic writing has distinctive conventional attributes that are common across all disciplines. For example, the academic essay writing style is not intricate and does not utilize long sentences and complex jargon. In addition, academic essay writing is characterized by the following features:

  • It has well planned and focused arguments and ideas
  • It uses a formal tone and style
  • It adopts a specific structure
  • It is backed up by facts or evidence

The Four Characteristics of Academic Writing

Planned and Focused Writing:
Academic writing responds to the topic of inquiry and focuses on highliting the writer’s comprehension of the subject.

Structured Arguments:
Academic essay papers are normally coherent and are written in a consistent logical order that unites  related arguments and points that support the topic of discussion.

Academic Writing is Evidence Based:
Academic paper writing focuses on building information on a particular branch of knowledge by upholding conclusions or contending arguments through the use of facts and proof. The facts and proofs are normally acquired through scientific research studies, experiments, and analyses.

Whenever the findings of such scientific studies are used to reinforce arguments in academic writing, they must be properly cited or referenced, using the appropriate referencing style for the respective academic discipline/field of writing.

Formal tone and writing style:
Academic writing utilizes appropriate language, jargon, and tenses, in a clear, brief and balanced manner. The use of informal terms, biased deductions, and opinions that are not merited by scientific proof in  academic essay paper writing MUST be avoided.

Four (4) Writing Styles used in Scholarly Writing

The four major styles of academic writing or scholarly writing are;

  • descriptive writing
  • analytical essay writing
  • persuasive writing
  • critical essay writing

Every one of these four types of academic writing has explicit language use provisions and is employed for specific purposes or to achieve specific objectives of academic writing.

In numerous instances of writing scholarly papers or  academic essay papers, a writer may be required utilize more than one of the types or styles of academic writing stated above.

For instance, in writing long, scholarly academic papers like dissertations, theses or research papers that employ the use of scientific methods of data collection and analysis, the various styles of academic writing will be employed as follows:

The critical essay writing style will be used in the literature review section to highlight the gaps or opportunities existing in the field under current examination.

Descriptive essay writing style will be employed in the research methodology area to describe in general the techniques or approaches used to gather and examine data

On the other hand, the results or findings area will be, for the most part, use the descriptive style of writing and the analytical style of academic writing as you report on the information gathered through the research study or experiment.

Finally, the discussion area will employ analytical essay writing as you relate the findings of the research study or experiment to the study’s research questions. In addition, the persuasive academic writing style will be used propose your interpretation of the findings and to convince the audience or reader to agree with your deductions.

Descriptive Scholarly Writing

The least complex type of academic writing is descriptive essay writing. The  motivation of descriptive writing is  to give a general narrative of existing facts,  realities or data.

A good example of descriptive essay witing in academic papers would be a general rundown or summary of an article or a report of the findings from a research experiment.

The general requirements for success in descriptive academic essay paper writing include:

  • distinguish
  • report
  • define
  • record
  • sum up and identify or characterize

Analytical Writing in Academic Papers

Worth noting is the fact that it is rare for a college-level academic essay paper to entirely employ the descriptive style of writing. In most cases, academic paper writing employs the analytical style of writing.

Features of Analytical Essay Writing

Analytical essay writing incorporates descriptive writing, yet in addition expects the writer to re-arrange the facts  and data under evaluation into classes, relations, sections, or types.  In some cases, these classifications or relations are already established by the discipline or field of study, while in other instances the writer identifies and establishes the relationships that exist explicitly in their text.

In case you’re contrasting two hypotheses, you may have to break your correlation into a few sections, for instance: how every hypothesis relates to the social setting, how every hypothesis affects language development, and how every hypothesis can be employed in practical situations.

The general requirements of a good analytical essay paper include:

  • examine
  • analyze
  • contrast
  • relate
  • analyze

Tips for Analytical Essay Writing

To make an academic paper more analytical, essay writers should employ the following analytical essay writing tips;

  1. Invest more time and energy in planning and arranging ideas
    Conceptualize current facts and thoughts, and attempt to apply distinctive methods of grouping them, as per designs, parts, similarities and variations. You can use tools like colour coding, graphs, charts, flow diagrams, or tables.
  2. Create names for the relationships and classifications that you have identified. For instance, benefits and drawbacks.
    Develop each segment and section of your analysis around one of the analytical category.
  3. Structure your academic paper in a manner that is clear and easily understood by the reader. This can be done by writing clear and relevant introduction sections for the analytical essay and building the paragraphs and sections of your academic paper around specific topics.

Persuasive Essay Writing Style of Academic Paper Writing

Academic essay paper writing requires a writer to go beyond analytical writing and delve into the persuasive essay writing style. The persuasive essay writing style in scholarly paper writing utilizes the components of both analytical writing and an expansion into the writer’s own perspective.

Most academic essay papers are persuasive as the writer aims to convince readers to agree with the arguments posed by the particular academic paper. In that regard, essay papers contain  a persuasive component in their discussion and conclusion sections.

What is Perspective in Persuasive Essay Writing?

The perspectives of a writer in academic writing can range from a contention, proposal, recommendation, to the explanation of the findings contained in other scholarly papers.

Whatever the perspective or motivation of writing an academic paper, a writer who employs the persuasive essay writing style in academic essay paper writing, must ensure that every claim made must be supported by some proof.

Support for claims in academic paper writing is done by citing credible scholarly publications or results from scientific studies and using proper referencing styles in doing so.

The general requirements for writing a persuasive essay include:

  • contention
  • assessment
  • discussion
  • taking a position that is supported by facts

Tips for picking facts and ideas perspectives in persuasive essay writing

Make an extensive perusal and analysis of academic paper publications authored by authority scientists in the respective subject, taking note of their perspective. Which of these is the most persuading?

Look out for the manner and design of data collection and academic referencing. Where is the proof most grounded?

List a few distinct interpretations and applications. What are the practical ramifications of the perspectives of each academic paper?
Which scholarly paper is probably going to be generally valuable or helpful?
Which ones have a few issues?

Finally, discuss the facts and thoughts with another person. Do you concur with their perspective?

After that, develop arguments and perspectives for your persuasive essay paper by listing the various reasons behind your perspective.  Contemplate the various scholarly papers, data, or proof which you can use as references to support your perspective.

Consider distinctive ways that your perspective is similar to or unique in relation to the current perspectives of other scholarly publications. Finally, consider the various approaches for breaking your perspective into parts. For instance, cost viability, ecological sustenability, extent of practical application.

Additionally, present the main argument of your persuasive essay paper by:

Ensuring that the written, persuasive essay paper presents a sound and coherent argument where all of the individual arguments help in supporting your general perspective.
Ensuring that your thoughts on each argument is easily understood by the reader.
Ensuring that the assumptions contained in the persuasive essay are legitimate.

Ensuring that you have valid and properly cited/referenced evidence or proof for each argument that you make in your academic paper.
Ensuring that you use valid scientific evidence  that is acceptable by academic writing standards and is relevant to the topic of your academic paper.

Critical Essay Writing Style in Academic Papers

Critical writing is the most common style of writing academic papers, including research paper writing and critical scholarly paper writing in postgraduate and advanced undergraduate essay paper writing.

What is a Critical Analysis Essay?

Writing a critical analysis essay has every one of the provisions of persuasive essay writing, with the additional component of one or more additional perspective(s). While persuasive essay writing expects the essay writer to have their  own perspective on an issue or theme, writing a critical essay requires that you analyze, not less than two perspectives, and include the writers own critical analysis of arguments relating to the essay topic.

For instance, the critical essay writer might clarify the position or contention held by a given academic paper and afterwards assess the benefits of the contention, or give their own elective understanding of the essay’s topic in a critical manner.

Some examples of critical analysis essay writing tasks include a critical analysis of a scholarly article from a peer reviewed journal, or a writing a literature review that highlights the strengths and shortcomings of existing research studies.

The general guidelines for writing a critical analysis essay paper include:

  • crique
  • debate
  • dissent
  • assess

3 Key Steps for Critical Analysis Writing and How to Write a Good Critical Essay Paper

  1. Precisely sum up all or part of the contents of an academic essay paper. This includes recognizing the fundamental interpretations, assumptions and methods.
  2. Have an opinion from your assessment of the academic paper. Suitable kinds of opinions could include calling attention to certain shortcomings with it, proposing an alternative methodology that would be better, as well as defending the arguments of a given academic paper or scholarly article against the criticism of other scholars.
  3. Provide a valid proof to the perspective of your academic paper. Contingent upon the particular task and the discipline of study, various kinds of proof may be fitting, e.g. logical thinking, providing citations and references to legitimate scholarly academic sources or research data.

Writing an excellent critical analysis essay requires essay writers to develop exceptional academic essay writing skills. You need to completely comprehend the subject under which you are writing the academic essay paper and the issues pertaining to the topic of the critical essay.

In writing a good critical essay paper, you also need to foster an academic essay paper structure and a paragraph structure that permits you to critically analyze various perspectives and foster your own arguments that are upheld by scientific proof.

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