US Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Policy Law Failures. United States Cyber Law

Cybercrime prevention by the United States (US) government is done through enactment of cyber crime law and policy for cybersecurity


Relating Extrinsic Motivation to Job Satisfaction. Case study of Coca-Cola

How extrinsic motivation affects employee performance and job satisfaction in respect to the Coca-Cola Company.


Event Planning for the London Poetry Festival at Greenwich Park

The ABC Events Planning- London intends to organize an outdoor poetry event at Greenwich park- London to mark this year’s Annual London Poetry Festival. The UK upholds literature and hosts several prestigious literally festivals- usually more than ten literary festivals annually (Getz and wicks, 1994). The theme for this event will be ‘Poetry for Environmental …


Security Information Systems (SIMs) for Event Management in the UK

Security information systems are designed to ensure that event managers are able to monitor and evaluate threats in event management


Wedding Planning, and Trends in Wedding Events Management

Trends in wedding planning, wedding events management, social-cultural importance of weddings and challenges faced by wedding planners


Tourism in London, UK Tourism and Tourist Expenditure in the United Kingdom

Tourism in London. The UK tourism sector and the impact of tourist expenditure on Britain’s economic success, challenges, and opportunities for growth. Sample dissertation paper


Research Design using Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods Research Designs

Research design in scholarly and scientific academic paper writing. Quantitative research, Qualitative research, and Mixed Methods Research Design are the research designs method used by researchers to present their findings. Qualitative is based…


Autism in Children, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Education of Autistic Children

Autism in children is a widely expanding research topic with scholars exploring how factors like education affect children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Autism in children and Autism spectrum disorders. Literature review of features of children with autism and education of autistic children