US Immigration Attitudes and Immigrants in America

Immigration is one aspect of globalization that has elicited an intense debate in recent times, with some countries being openly repulsive to migrants. This kind of reaction is based on varied concerns that mostly touch on competition for resources between natives and the immigrants. In the US, the debate on immigration and the impact of …


Review of ‘A Lesson before Dying’ By Earnest Gaines

A Lesson before Dying is a novel written by Earnest Gaines. Jeffrey Folks criticizes the idea presented by Earnest Gaines in his novel “A Lesson before Dying” on the concept of communal responsibility. Jeffrey Folks bases his criticism on the sentencing and conviction of Jefferson. Pdf Download A Lesson Before Dying Ebook According to Jeffrey …


How Slavery Contributed to American Civil War

lavery was a major cause of the American Civil War. The conflict over slavery was based on the fact that, American republicans in the Union’s Northern States were opposed to slave ownership while American democrats in the Southern States supported were opposed to its abolishment…


Jainism Religion and it’s Dimensions

Jainism religion is one of these oldest religions in the world that have survived to date with a huge following in Asia especially in the Indian subcontinent (Roy, 1984). Jainism has undergone numerous transformations with the most recent based on the influence of the western religion and colonization in the southern Asia region where it …


Masculinity in Men: Western World, Men, Gender, and Sexuality

The masculinity of men in the Western World has been an ongoing debate in recent times. According to Brooks (2010, pg.1), this debate has risen from the fact that gender boundaries have become more fluid and less defined. Power relations between men and women have been, and are, progressively changing since women in the Western …


How Moral Foundations Theory Influences Political Orientation

Moral foundations theory plays a significant role in understanding why morality and moral values vary across different cultures. The moral foundation theory establishes the relationship between the psychological systems and foundation ethics on morality that are possessed by different cultures. These moral foundations are based on caring or harm, showing fairness, loyalty recognizing authority and …


UK Homelessness Mitigation Social Services in the United Kingdom

Homelessness in the UK and the Homeless Mitigation Social Services in United Kingdom. Homelessness is a complex social challenge that requires the use of social services mitigation strategies for solving the multitude of factors associated with homelessness


Wedding Planning, and Trends in Wedding Events Management

Trends in wedding planning, wedding events management, social-cultural importance of weddings and challenges faced by wedding planners



Discovering neuro mechanisms of the consciousness while explaining how they develop the conscious state in the brain may one of modern neuroscience’s greatest challenge.  The study is an exceptional report of research undertook by various universities jointly to evaluate the origin of consciousness and the contributing factors that coordinate to bring the brain in such …