Abraham Lincoln and Abolishment of Slavery

Abraham Lincoln and his abolishment of slavery is, for several reasons, an important part of the greater American history. First, Abraham Lincoln’s ban on slavery largely contributed to conflict between America’s Northern and the Southern States leading to the American civil war.

It also forms the greatest legacy that President Abraham Lincoln is remembered for today abolishment of slavery.  Achieving the equal rights for every American as it today was not an overnight achievement.

It took great effort from President Abraham Lincoln and other activists who struggled to eliminate the evil practice to make America a great free nation for everybody as it is today. The efforts are the results of freedom that every citizen in America enjoys.

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Slavery was introduced to America as a source of cheap labor from Africa to work in American plantations. That is why it was more concentrated most to the southern states.

Upon ascending to power, Abraham Lincoln began to eliminate slavery in America and achieve an equal rights status for every American. In his speech in Springfield, Illinois in 16 June 1858, Abraham Lincoln stated his dedication to see slavery was eliminated in America.

He noted that the future of America lied in the freedom of every citizen irrespective of his color. Abraham Lincoln reiterated that his government was not ready to work in a divided America. In his own words, Abraham Lincoln stated that, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

Lincoln rallied the support of congress in declaring slavery illegal in America. However, his efforts did not go down well with the Southern States of the American Union who were the main beneficiaries of slavery. Abraham Lincoln’s move to ban slavery resulted into a sharply divided America and pushed the country into a civil war.

It is interesting to think of Abrahams Lincoln’s determination to fight slavery given that he was a white American and considering that slavery mostly benefited his fellow white Americans who voted him to office.

Slavery had been in practice in America long before Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. It had become a norm and a deeply integrated vice in the American society. The determination of Lincoln’s government to eliminate the practice despite the great political risk involved is should be embraced by our leaders today. 

It is discouraging to note that the modern society has taken a lukewarm stand against racial discrimination as the vice, which our ancestors fought hard to eliminate, is creeping back in our society. This is contrary to the expectation that with current civilization and social advancement, issues of discrimination based on color or race should be unheard of in our society.

Abraham Lincoln was not the only one fighting for slavery to be abolished. Several other abolitionists who had run away from slavery like Fredrick Douglass fought for its abolishment.

Slavery could not have been abolished without the cooperation of the white American society who were the majority and the African American who were the minority. White activists like William Lloyd Garrison led the push for abolishment of slavery. This efforts gave the African American abolitionists hope that the practice of slavery could be eliminated in America and every citizen granted the right to freedom.

In a national convection of colored people that was held in 1847, black abolitionists participated and advocated for reforms against slavery. Their participation in such events gave them an orportunity to interact with the white majority and to earn their support. The convection adopted a report that set the ground for the abolishment of slavery.

The influence of Christianity was growing in America. The push of ending slavery was gaining momentum among the white American Christian. This effort illustrates the role of religion in ending slavery. In the report adopted during the convention, the abolitionists argued that slavery was against the teachings of Christianity. It was a fight against truth presented by the religion the majority of the whites American were practicing and the wishes of a few rich landowners who owned slaves.

The abolitionists realized and set it as their man agenda for the government and individuals. By exposing the evils of slavery and its contribution in holding America back from making progress, Abraham Lincoln and other anti-slavery campaigners are the founders of freedom enjoyed by America today.

In conclusion, Abraham Lincoln demonstrated excellent leadership skills of uniting Americans that many leaders today ignore. Rather than divide the society based on religious beliefs, leaders should be focused in fostering unity among every American.

The unity portrayed by the white Americans and the African Americans when fighting for abolishment of slavery should the leading factor in uniting American today. Despite the fact that society has changed and the capitalism rules our society where every man is concerned with his/her own affairs, unity of purpose can achieve a lot for current society.

United, Americans can fight the runaway crime that is increasing every day, terrorism that is based on religious beliefs among other many things. Although slavery was successfully abolished, many other things like crime, violence and terrorism still need attention of the society and the government.

This will go long way in ending the current day problems like gun violence and terrorism as slavery was during the days of Lincoln. The push for freedom of black American could not be realized without first eliminating slavery.


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